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Press Release

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October 29, 2001

Transilica’s Breakthrough OneChip Is The First Fully Integrated Bluetooth Solution to Earn Bluetooth 1.1 Qualification

Transilica Offers the Only Third Generation 1.1 Qualified Bluetooth System-On-Chip Products Available on the Market.

San Diego, ca -- October 29, 2001 - Transilica Inc., an innovation leader in wireless silicon design, announced today that its breakthrough OneChipTM SoC product line has achieved 1.1 Bluetooth qualification. Transilica’s OneChip series represents a new generation of Bluetooth semiconductors and is the first silicon available that integrates the radio, baseband, program memory and a wide variety of interfaces into a single BGA package.

The first generation of Bluetooth products were built with separate radio and baseband chips and surrounded by a variety of other discreet semiconductors. Second generation products integrated the Radio and Baseband into a single package but still required significant external components including flash program memory, low noise amplifiers, USB circuitry and Audio Codecs for voice applications. The Transilica OneChip represents the third generation of Bluetooth semiconductors that integrate all major components into a single System-on-Chip package. OneChip is the only third generation product to achieve Bluetooth 1.1 certification and offer availability in 2001.

OneChip integrates the RF transceiver, the baseband modem and flash memory - containing the full protocol stack and application profiles - into a single 8x8mm BGA package. Transilica’s OneChip also integrates the LNA (Low Noise Amplifiers), regulators, filters, PLL, VCO and clock, as well as dual UARTs, serial ports and 28 GPIOs. These chipsets require minimal external components, therefore lowering design cycle times, reducing customer risk and development costs. The current OneChip SoC line of products includes the TR0740 OneChip with Serial Port Interface, the TR0750 OneChip with Integrated Codec; and the TR0760 OneChip with Integrated USB Interface.

Transilica CEO, Hock Law, stated, “We are excited to lead the industry with the first introduction of third generation Bluetooth semiconductors. The 1.1 qualification validates our promise of performance, size, and ease of design-in for manufacturers of Bluetooth™-enabled products. We are now positioned as a key player in the industry to offer wireless developers a real time-to-market advantage.”

“By having a SoC approach in the design of our Bluetooth semiconductors, we provide our customers with competitive products that are small and optimal for many wireless applications” added Transilica CTO, Dr Jonathon Cheah. “This product will be significant in expanding the Bluetooth and short-range wireless market.”

About Transilica Inc. 
Transilica Inc. is a rapidly growing fabless semiconductor company leading the innovation of system-on-chip wireless technology. Transilica has built a world-class team of RF CMOS, ASIC, and integrated software design engineers developing low power wireless devices for headsets, phones, PDAs, notebooks, printers, keyboards, digital cameras and many other consumer and enterprise products. Founded in 1999, Transilica is headquartered in San Diego, CA with subsidiaries in Taiwan, Singapore and Tokyo. The company's investors include Softbank Venture Capital, Smart Technology Ventures, Lakshmi Ventures, Gamelan Capital Fund, CDIB & Partners Investment Holding Corporation (f/k/a Southeast Asia Investment Holdings), R.O.C. Venture Company Ltd., Joinwin Investment Co. Ltd., Siliconware Investment Co. Ltd. and IBT Venture Co.


Please post your company's press releases for inclusion on The Wireless Directory
Thank you



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