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Press Release

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December 17, 2001

Pico Communications, Inc. announces its membership in Palm, Inc.’s PluggedIn Program

Pico Communications, Inc. today announced its membership in Palm, Inc.’s PluggedIn Program, for its support of Palm’s Bluetooth development.  Pico Communications has supported Palm’s development with its leading Bluetooth LAN Access Point and its client software for Palm™ handheld computers.

Palm is now working closely with Pico through all levels of product concept, development, production, and promotion. As a PluggedIn Program Business Member, Pico will receive ongoing and individually-focused support from a Palm team.  In addition, Pico will be showcasing its solutions using the “Designed for Palm Handhelds” logo, and taking advantage of a wide range of marketing benefits.  Both parties are also working to include Pico’s products on The Palm Store web site.

“Pico’s dedication to Bluetooth wireless technology with industry-leading solutions for Palm handhelds has earned the respect of everyone here at Palm,” said Olaf Besgen, Business Development Manager, Palm, Inc.  “Pico’s solutions will become an important part of the overall Bluetooth experience on Palm handhelds, providing ‘one-click’ access to the Internet.”

The PicoBlue™ Internet Access Point is a server-independent Bluetooth LAN access point with enterprise-class IP networking over Ethernet. PicoBlue was the first Class 1 point-to-multipoint access point to achieve the 1.1 certification from the Bluetooth Qualification Body in June 2001.  It can manage up to seven simultaneous links, allowing seven users to share access to the Internet at up to a 100-meter range for handhelds and an industry-leading 250-meter range for notebooks.

PicoConnect™ is an invisible background application on a Palm handheld computer that provides seamless Bluetooth wireless connectivity for any networking application (including surfing the Web) to the optimal Bluetooth network access point. If multiple PicoBlue Internet Access Points are in range, the application will connect to the least loaded one, or if no PicoBlue is in range, to a Bluetooth-enabled cellular telephone with Internet access.  PicoSync™ is a “one-click” button that utilizes PicoConnect technology to perform seamless wireless network HotSync® operations.  Users can synchronize their Palm handhelds remotely from any location at any time and retrieve their emails with just “one-click.”

“We have supported Palm over the last six months to guarantee a seamless Bluetooth user experience on the Palm handheld,” said David Bolan, vice president of business development at Pico Communications.  “With PicoBlue Internet Access Points providing wireless coverage, Bluetooth-enabled Palm handhelds with PicoConnect and PicoSync can conveniently connect to the corporate LAN, the Internet and email.”

About Pico Communications
Founded in December 1999, Pico Communications, Inc. is a privately held technology company that provides simplified personal Bluetooth networking solutions.  Pico delivers products and software to extend Personal Area Networking to the mobile professional at work, on the road, and in the home to connect to the Internet, corporate intranet, and stand-alone information kiosks.  An associate member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), Pico Communications is headquartered in Cupertino, California, USA.  More information about Pico Communications can be found at

Please post your company's press releases for inclusion on The Wireless Directory
Thank you

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