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Press Release

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May 31, 2002

Commil to Demonstrate First Ever SCO Voice Seamless Handover at Bluetooth Congress 2002
Presenting the CellarionTM system, connecting Bluetooth mobile wireless devices to data and telephony systems
Addressing the issue of handover of an active session, which has been a serious technological hurdle for Bluetooth systems, Commil will demonstrate voice SCO (Synchronous Connection-Oriented) handover at the Bluetooth Congress 2002, 11-14 June, RAI Amsterdam on stand number 118.  In the demonstration, users with off-the-shelf mobile devices, such as Ericsson’s cordless headset, iPAQ PDA, laptop computer and mobile phones, will be able to move freely throughout the area while talking on the phone or enjoying audio and video streaming.  The Commil Cellarion(tm) system ensures seamless handover between Bluetooth access points, and provides superior voice and data quality.

The Bluetooth SCO channels are the links used by Bluetooth wireless technology to transfer voice. These links are used in the connectivity of cordless headsets and Bluetooth cordless phones. These applications and many others require the handover capability to increase reliability and range. Although several companies have attempted to overcome the handover challenge, Commil is the first to achieve a working system with SCO as well as data handover for real life applications.
The Cellarion(tm) system, a carrier-grade communication infrastructure, utilises innovative access points and gateways, to bring true wireless networking connectivity and mobility to off-the-shelf mobile devices with a standard Bluetooth chip. Serving as an indoor extension of the data and telephony infrastructure, it creates a reliable ‘cellular-like’ Bluetooth network that supports roaming and seamless session handover for office buildings, shopping malls and airport terminals.

 “Our cost-effective Cellarion(tm) system enables truly mobile, uninterrupted communication to the cellular system, Internet, LAN, and PBX of the enterprise,” says Mr. Amnon Steiner, Commil’s VP of Marketing. “Our demonstration clearly shows the variety of applications and the advantages to operators, corporations and service providers. Demonstrating the Cellarion(tm) system at the Bluetooth Congress in Amsterdam gives Commil a perfect stage to prove the viability of Bluetooth solutions to those who may have doubted the future success of Bluetooth.”
About Commil Ltd.
Commil, an Israeli-based company founded in late 1999, delivers innovative wireless communication infrastructure, expanding upon Bluetooth wireless technology.  Commil’s solution gives users true mobile connectivity to the public or corporate data, Internet and telephony infrastructure using standard off-the-shelf Bluetooth devices, such as cellular phones, laptops or PDAs. Commil’s access points and gateway create an indoor ‘cellular-like’ network for airports, shopping malls and corporations, providing value added services such as location-based applications, paging and messaging.  Commil’s technology allows seamless handover for both data and voice sessions between access points, enabling movement anywhere in the building with reliability and higher bit-rate for excellent user experience.  Commil is an Associate Member of the Bluetooth SIG and a member of the PAN work group.

Please post your company's press releases for inclusion on The Wireless Directory
Thank you

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