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Press Release

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February 25, 2002

Flint picks up antennas for Wireless Data
Leicester, UK, 25 February 2002 - Flint Wireless has added antenna designer and manufacturer Centurion to its portfolio of wireless data and Bluetooth(tm) franchises.

According to Flint Marketing Manager, Doug Gilmour, the Centurion franchise rounds out Flint Wireless support for other wireless data standards, such as 802.11, ISM, Ardis, Ram, CDPD, and SMR, and gives Flint a complementary range of Bluetooth antennas to its existing GigaAnt profile. He said, "In addition to our Bluetooth(tm) silicon and modules, we stock low cost, proprietary wireless communications solutions from RFM, and CML mobile radio baseband silicon, wireless modem data pumps and UHF transmitters and receivers. The Centurion franchise completes the package with the addition of suitable antennas for these and other applications, and gives us a very full capability to support customers with an antenna that meets their needs in terms of physical format, interfacing requirements and frequency range"

"Flint Wireless is superbly positioned to take our world class Bluetooth and wireless data antenna solutions forward to the UK market. Flint's range of compatible franchises, and demonstrable success with Bluetooth and Wireless Data, convinced us that they are the right channel partner for Centurion," commented Shane Brundieck, Operations Manager of Centurion. To support the growing level of Wireless activity, Flint has George Dunlop, Communications Systems Specialist, Mo Farhand Technical Specialist and three fully trained FAE's working with customers on the technology, with John Jones as Wireless Technical Manager, reporting into Doug Gilmour, Marketing Manager.

In addition to its profile of silicon and module solutions based on CSR, CML and RFM, Flint Wireless is supporting these designs with a number of other complementary product lines including: TDK bandpass filters, Balun transformers, antennas and other components for 2.4GHz operation; ACT's stable 12-26MHz TCXOs with minimal frequency drift; Hirose connectors for main boards, antennas and coaxial switches; and KOA air core, spring coil inductors.

About Flint
Flint, the UK's leading specialist distributor of electronic components, offers specific strengths in Smart Card technology, Wireless technology and Displays. Flint Smart, supported by Gemplus, Omron and other leading franchises, offers a complete portfolio of components and modules required to build a contact-based or contact less smart card system, from a complete kiosk with customised cards, down to individual smart card connectors and chipsets. Flint Wireless focuses on radio communication solutions, including complete solutions for Bluetooth(tm), and is supported by CSR for silicon, Mezoe for development software and gigaAnt for antennae. Flint Displays offers a complete portfolio of graphics and text displays, supported by driver cards, cable harnesses and other associated technologies. Alongside these specialist areas, Flint's offers a broad range of general semiconductor, connector and passive components, backed by outstanding service, technical and logistical support. Flint Distribution had an annual turnover of #20.6 million in the 2000/1 financial year. 

For further details please contact Flint Distribution, Walker Road, Bardon Hill, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 1TU, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0) 1530 510333, fax: +44 (0) 1530 5113.
Email:, or see the website:

Please post your company's press releases for inclusion on The Wireless Directory
Thank you

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