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Press Release

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May 23, 2002

arca technologies and Mezoe set to make waves in Bluetooth™ testing
arca technologies will demonstrate their latest Bluetooth testing solution at the Bluetooth Congress in Amsterdam, 12th-14th June

BELFAST, UK—25th May, 2002 - arca technologies ltd, the leading developer of test, analysis and network simulation equipment for Bluetooth™, DSL, ISDN, PSTN and Frame Relay announce the latest addition to their range of invaluable Bluetooth test tools.  Incorporating software from Mezoe, the Cambridge UK based wireless products business of Cambridge Consultants Limited (CCL), the arca|Wavemaker Bluetooth Profile Simulator simulates the behaviour of an active Bluetooth device allowing test technicians and developers to quickly and easily generate, test and analyse Bluetooth traffic.

The combination of arca technologies’ existing expertise in the area of Bluetooth testing and protocol analysis and Mezoe’s highly respected software toolkits has produced a powerful test and debug tool with triple functionality: Command Generation, Profile Simulation and Serial Port Protocol Analysis.

Command Generation

Acting as the ‘engine room’ of the arca|Wavemaker, the Proto-Developer software enables the user to send and receive commands at any layer (HCI and upwards) of the Bluetooth Protocol Stack, allowing complete control over the device under test.  The powerful macro facility enables developers to store, edit and replay test sequences at their convenience.

Profile simulation

In addition to simulating a standard Bluetooth master or slave device within a piconet, the arca|Wavemaker is also capable of emulating the behaviour of a variety of profiles according to the Bluetooth specification.  Thus, developers can confidently verify the interaction between their Bluetooth device and others such as headset, cordless telephone and intercom,  dial-up networking, object push, folder browsing, synchronisation, service discovery, fax client, serial port client, LAN access and hands free kit.


Serial Port Protocol Analysis

Debugging any problems encountered during development is made easy with the internal Serial Data Analyser.  Tapping into the Serial/UART Port, the arca|Wavemaker captures all data travelling between the host controller and the Bluetooth module under test and provides a detailed decode of HCI, L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP, TCS, OBEX and BNEP protocols.

While the arca|Wavemaker can be used as a stand-alone product in the development laboratory, when used in conjunction with the arca|Wavecatcher Bluetooth Protocol Analyser, it provides a complete and powerful Bluetooth development solution, invaluable when troubleshooting during Bluetooth development.

The arca|Wavemaker also supports audio transmission and comes complete with a headset.

Mark Lambert, Sales and Marketing Manager for Mezoe said, "We are delighted to work with arca as it provides a solution with significant synergy to ours with its Wavecatcher protocol analyser and Wavemaker Profile Simulator for the Bluetooth™ embedded market."

William Donaghy, arca’s Engineering Director added "With the addition of the Mezoe software toolkits the arca|Wavemaker is a highly useful tool for anyone developing Bluetooth™ products. The range of profiles supported means that almost any Bluetooth™ device can be tested against arca|Wavemaker."

Please post your company's press releases for inclusion on The Wireless Directory
Thank you

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