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Press Release

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May 20, 2002

Brightcom introduces its intelliblue BIC2102 Application Processor

The only Bluetooth™ chip in the industry featuring proven RF-independence,
USB host functionality, enhanced power management and embedded APIs

Launch and demo at Bluetooth Congress 2002,
12-14 June, Amsterdam RAI, Booth 340

TEL AVIV, Israel – x, May 2002 – BrightCom Technologies Ltd. (BrightCom) today announced the launch of its new IntelliBLUE BIC2102 Application Processor. The BIC2102 is the first chip designed with enough MIPS and data memory to run embedded applications – together with the Bluetooth baseband and protocol stack – thus providing a cost-effective, fully-integrated solution.

The BIC2102 represents a field-proven, RF-independent solution. This feature enables customers to choose, and seamlessly integrate, the most appropriate RF chip in terms of power, performance, price and availability – without being dependent on a single RF source.

USB host functionality seamlessly connects a Bluetooth device to USB computer accessories without the need for additional components, for true USB cable replacement. BrightCom allies are now designing versatile Bluetooth modules, using the same platform with two different plugs – for PC or PC accessory. The provision of both the USB host and device on the same chip enables quick and easy Bluetooth connectivity to PC and accessory alike.

SleepSynch™ enhanced power management is a mechanism that maintains full synchronization during “sleep” mode, reducing recovery times to a matter of milliseconds. This feature results in considerably less power consumption than competing Bluetooth systems, thus enabling longer battery life without any degradation in system performance.

BrightCom provides BrightAPIs™ in embedded and host configurations. Each configuration contains two functional sets of APIs. One set handles the chip and system control, while the other provides programmers with an easy-to-use interface to Bluetooth functions and profiles for significantly reduced development time.

“Our highly-integrated solution for embedded designs reduces the bill of materials for the overall Bluetooth-enabled system. And when working in host mode, and no changes in a customer’s existing hardware or operating systems are required,” commented Yuval Ben-Ze’ev, BrightCom’s President and CEO. “The BIC2102 provides a fast and easy way to implement a wide range of Bluetooth wireless applications, like digital cameras, USB printers, DVD and MP3 audio players, PC dongles, PSTN/ISDN dial-up networking devices, remote metering systems and games. And with our RF-independence feature, customers can now design their Bluetooth systems with the best RF chips available.” 

The BIC2102 core operates at 1.8V and is available in a 10mm by 10 mm BGA package. A single chip includes the Application Processor IC with all baseband functionality, software drivers for UART, PCM/CVSD, USB host and device, the complete Bluetooth protocol stack and BrightAPIs with Bluetooth profile support. Three industry standard communication interfaces are supported for high-speed Bluetooth connectivity – USB at 12 Mbps, UART at up to 921 Kbps and PCM/CVSD for high-quality voice.

Two evaluation kits are available. Callisto™ II demonstrates serial cable replacement while Ganymede™ demonstrates USB cable replacement. There is also a development kit, called Jupiter™ II, which provides OEM developers an extensive hardware and software platform with all types of interfaces and software tools for easy development and implementation of Bluetooth wireless applications.

Please post your company's press releases for inclusion on The Wireless Directory
Thank you

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