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Press Release

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March 13, 2002, Hannover

connectBlue launches enhanced version of ‘world-first’ industrial Bluetooth product
connectBlue today launched its latest Bluetooth industrial product, the Wireless Information Provider 425 - an enhanced version of the world’s first Bluetooth product designed specifically to enable a wireless man to machine interface on the factory floor. 

Unveiled at the CeBIT exhibition in Hannover, Germany, the Wireless Information Provider 425 contains all of the functionality of the original Wireless Information Provider 120 with the added feature of high speed Ethernet access.

The Wireless Information Provider connects with industrial devices via serial port communication, allowing vital information such as real time production status and maintenance data to be transferred wirelessly to an ordinary PDA via a Bluetooth connection. Factory supervisors are able to continually access production data and to change parameters of industrial devices to alter production status such as speed and capacity – all with the benefit of mobility.

The product features a built-in WEB server and locally installed, customized WEB pages.  The user is able to communicate with and control machinery by accessing data contained on the WEB pages via a PDA’s standard Internet browser such as Internet Explorer. As the WEB interface is contained within the Wireless Information Provider it is not necessary to alter software on the PDA or industrial devices.  The WEB content and structure can be easily tailored to suit customer requirements.

The Wireless Information Provider 425 offers additional functionality in that it also enables the user to simultaneously maintain a wireless Bluetooth connection to the factory’s Ethernet network.  The product acts as an access point making it possible for information contained on the network, such as an industrial device’s operation manual to also be accessed while on the factory floor.

The introduction of the Wireless Information Provider 425 follows the successful launch of the 120 version last November at the Scanautomatic Exhibition in Stockholm where it was awarded Scanautomatic Prize for best industrial component.

Rolf Nilsson, President at connectBlue said, “the Wireless Information Provider product range provides substantial time and cost savings to factory operators. It offers true mobility on the factory floor, enabling machines to be monitored and changes to production status to be made immediately without the need to return to a central control panel.  Costly, permanently installed operating panels are no longer necessary. 

“We anticipate that there will substantial demand for the 425 version.  The Wireless Information Provider 120 was launched to some critical acclaim and will be shortly operational in a real factory environment.  The added functionality of Ethernet access is sure to create further interest among the industrial community.”

The Wireless Information Provider is available as an industrial product as well as an OEM module and was demonstrated at CeBIT along with other products in the connectBlue product portfolio.

About connectBlue
connectBlue, based in Malmö, Sweden was founded in March 2000.  connectBlue is the leading supplier of complete Bluetooth solutions for industrial and commercial use. Its innovative product range has been nominated for and has received several Bluetooth awards.  connectBlue provides its customers with hardware and software solutions, Bluetooth products and an extensive training and seminar program.

Every connectBlue employee is a carefully selected specialist holding extensive experience with industrial applications and Bluetooth software and hardware development and implementation.

Pelle Svensson                                                
Marketing Director
Phone:  +46 40 630 71 03                                   


BLUETOOTH is a trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG Inc., USA and licensed to connectBlue

Please post your company's press releases for inclusion on The Wireless Directory
Thank you

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