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Press Release

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April 8, 2002

IAR Systems releases a new version of its Embedded Bluetooth protocol stack

IAR Systems today announced that a new version of its Bluetooth Protocol Stack has been released. The new v1.10 release includes support for additional Bluetooth profiles and provides product developers with a highly compact stack for embedded use.

The new version of the IAR Embedded Bluetooth Protocol stack has support added for the Generic Object Exchange Profile (GOEP/OBEX), File transfer profile (FTP) and LAN Access profile (LAP), thereby improving connectivity to remote devices using file transfer and network access facilities.

The Embedded Bluetooth protocol stack from IAR Systems is one of the most compact in the world, which reduces manufacturing cost in serial production, due to reduced consumption of CPU and ROM/RAM memory resources. Major industrial, telecom and consumer electronics companies in USA, Europe, Asia and Japan have already selected the Bluetooth protocol stack from IAR.

”The new Bluetooth protocol stack provides enhanced connectivity”, says Magnus Unemyr, Product Marketing Manager at IAR Systems in Sweden. “At the same time, our customers get a highly compact Bluetooth protocol stack which in turn reduces production cost for the complete Bluetooth product”.

IAR Systems is the only company in the world that can provide a complete set of development and test tools for Bluetooth products, including programming languages, debug tools, Bluetooth Starter Kits, Bluetooth protocol stacks as well as a test and pre-qualification tool that tests whether a Bluetooth product conforms to the Bluetooth specification.

About IAR Systems
By focusing on the embedded systems industry, IAR Systems has reached the position of leading supplier of software development tools for embedded microcontrollers. Since the company was founded in 1983, IAR has worked in close cooperation with the world’s major chip manufacturers to develop a wide range of programming tools supporting a large number of chip architectures. The tools today consist of highly efficient C and EC++ compilers in the IAR Embedded Workbench™ development environment, the device driver wizard IAR MakeApp™ for graphical configuration and initialization of the chip and creation of complete device drivers and the IAR visualSTATE® graphic programming tool with a patented technology to generate validated and small production-ready code. IAR Systems also provides a total solution for Bluetooth™ protocol stacks and applications, from development of Bluetooth devices to qualification, using IAR PreQual. IAR Design Services injects engineering expertise and experience into embedded system projects. It contributes to IAR’s mission to reduce the development time for embedded systems and accelerate time-to-market. IAR Systems has offices in the US, UK, Japan, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. More information is available at

For further information, please contact:
Magnus Unemyr, Product Marketing Manager, IAR Systems, phone: +46 36 345000, e-mail:

Stefan Fors, Marketing & Sales Manager, IAR Systems, phone: +46 18 16 78 00

IAR Embedded Workbench, IAR C-SPY, IAR MakeApp, IAR visualSTATE  and IAR PreQual are trademarks owned by IAR Systems. The BLUETOOTH trademarks are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., U.S.A. and licensed to IAR Systems AB. All other products are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.  

Please post your company's press releases for inclusion on The Wireless Directory
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