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Press Release

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May 7, 2002 - Liverpool, UK

Anritsu partners with CETECOM to offer complete Bluetooth Solution

Anritsu has been successfully supplying development equipment for Bluetooth for over a year, and meeting the need for high-speed volume testing with its MT8850A Bluetooth testset. The company has now introduced the ME7865A Bluetooth Pre-Qualification Test System (PQTS) and a discount scheme for the qualification process in co-operation with Centro de Tecnologia de las Comunicaciones, S. A. (CETECOM Spain).

The PQTS enables companies to get their products to market much more quickly. Using the PQTS in-house significantly reduces the risk of failure in the Bluetooth Qualification process, by enabling manufacturers to ensure conformance to the RF test specification before committing to costly and time-consuming final conformance testing and qualification.

By using the PQTS, Anritsu customers also reduce the risks of transition from pre-production qualification to full production by using the same equipment throughout this cycle. The MT8850A, a fundamental part of the PQTS, can be used stand-alone in the production line.

The software running on the PQTS has been developed in partnership with CETECOM, a leading Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility (BQTF) with test laboratories in Europe, USA and Asia. The test management software creates test cases derived from the features supported by the customer’s Bluetooth device. The software controls the instruments in the test system, to automatically perform the measurements, taking calibration issues into account. It also incorporates a report generator, which, in addition to providing numeric results, uniquely provides packet traces.

To complete the package, Anritsu is offering a 15 percent discount on the qualification process at CETECOM Spain, which will provide the discount on the qualification testing and Bluetooth Qualification Body (BQB) services for one project to all purchasers of a PQTS.


About Anritsu Company
Anritsu Corporation is a leading supplier of test and measurement solutions for fixed and mobile communications systems. The company designs and manufactures equipment for testing many of today’s leading-edge communications technologies, including third-generation cellular (3G), Bluetooth and high-performance microwave and optical fibre systems. Anritsu also produces a growing range of high-speed optical components for advanced communications systems – supplying many of the world’s leading manufacturers. In addition, the company also manufactures multimedia consoles and payphones, which complement its other technologies. Anritsu has manufacturing operations on three continents, group companies in 18 countries and employs over 5000 people. More information about Anritsu is available at

About Cetecom
Centro de Tecnología de las Comunicaciones, S.A. (CETECOM) is a global supplier of testing and certification services in the fields of wired and wireless communications (Bluetooth, analogue, ISDN, wireless LAN, etc.) and telecom high-tech Solutions for the global industry. The Bluetooth services portfolio ranges from testing services (BQTF) to BQB, test systems (BITE), regulatory testing, international type approval, training and consulting. The company is located in Spain and belongs to the CETECOM network, which also has facilities in the USA, Germany, France, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan. More information is available at

For further information please contact:
Lisa Haley
Anritsu UK Ltd
200 Capability Green
Tel: - 01582 433200
Fax:-01582 731303

Didem Findlay
TKO Marketing Consultants Ltd
4 Lucastes Mews
Paddockhall Road
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH16 1HE
Tel: - 01444 473555
Fax: - 01444 473666
Email: -

Andrés Morano
Director of Telecommunications
Centro de Tecnología de las Comunicaciones, S.A. (CETECOM)

Please post your company's press releases for inclusion on The Wireless Directory
Thank you

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