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News Archive - September 2002

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Friday September 27, 2002

N321:New system to rival Bluetooth

N320:Windows XP to get Bluetooth support
See Microsoft's products and services:

Thursday September 26, 2002

N319:Ericsson Announces World's Smallest Bluetooth Radio Now Portable
See Ericsson's products and services:

N318:Pink Cadillac with a Bluetooth

Wednesday September 25, 2002

N317:Telephony Only the Beginning for Bluetooth In the Vehicle, According to ABI

Tuesday September 24, 2002

N315:Bluetooth Decay

N314:New Palm comes with Integrated Bluetooth

N313:Sony Ericsson Unveils Phone, Bluetooth headset, and FM Stereo Accessory
See Sony Ericsson's products and services:

Monday September 23, 2002

N312:802.3af Specification offers Power to Bluetooth Access Points

N311:Bluetooth chip that tells of engine fault

N310:Intel Targets PC and Wireless Convergence
See Intel's products and services:

Thursday September 19, 2002

N309:Treo 90 Gets Tricked Out

Wednesday September 18, 2002

N308:Bluetooth aims for in-car standard

Monday September 16, 2002

N307:Mezoe Joins Forces With Synopsys to Deliver Complete and Easy-to-Integrate Qualified Bluetooth Solution
See Mezoe's products and services:

N306:Ethertronics' Embedded Antenna Technology Deployed in a Microtune

Thursday September 12, 2002
N305:Intel touts progress on creating ultrawideband
See Intel's products and services:

N304:Wireless: A Rosy Decade Ahead - Unless the Mobile Operators Bumble It

N303:IDF: Intel Looks To The Future
See Intel's products and services:

Wednesday September 11, 2002
N302:Cambridge Silicon Radio has embedded a tiny Web server into its Bluetooth chips
See Silicon Radio's products and services:

September 10, 2002
N301:Zeevo gets $20M
See Zeevo's products and services:

N300: 802.11: How it works

N299: Windows XP SP1 Irons out the Wrinkles but not Bluetooth

N298: Stanford University School of Medicine Breaks New Ground With Wireless Interactive Learning System

September 9, 2002
N297: Silicon Wave Working With Intel To Develop Coexistence Solution For Bluetooth And Wi-Fi Wireless Technology In Notebook PC Platforms
See Silicon Wave's products and services:

Thursday September 5, 2002
N296: Rococo Software and ARS Software GmbH partner to distribute Java and Bluetooth solutions
See Rococo's products and services:

N295: Philips, Sony to foster comms-with-payment standard
See Philip's and Sony's products and services:

Wednesday September 4, 2002
N294: Bluetooth costs expected to soar in coming years
See Bluetooth's products and services:

N293: Conexant yanks Bluetooth development
See Conexant's products and services:

Tuesday September 3, 2002
N292: Microsoft unveils new keyboards, mice
See Microsoft's products and services:

Monday September 2, 2002
N291: Yageo to launch RF Bluetooth module by year-end


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