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News Archive - May 2002

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Friday May 31, 2002

194: Commil to Demonstrate First Ever SCO Voice Seamless Handover at Bluetooth Congress 2002
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members
Addressing the issue of handover of an active session, which has been a serious technological hurdle for Bluetooth systems, Commil will demonstrate voice SCO (Synchronous Connection-Oriented) handover at the Bluetooth Congress 2002, 11-14 June, RAI Amsterdam on stand number 118.  In the demonstration, users with off-the-shelf mobile devices, such as Ericsson’s cordless headset, iPAQ PDA, laptop computer and mobile phones, will be able to move freely throughout the area while talking on the phone or enjoying audio and video streaming. 

See press release.

  Details of Commil's products can be found on the Access Points, Router & Infrastructure page.  
Wednesday May 29, 2002

193: First Bluetooth LAN Access Point with Full PAN Profile Certification
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members
Lesswire, have announced the launch of the new LocalNavigator BlueXS-A LAN access point. This is the world's first LAN access point with PAN profile (NAP and GN) certification.

Integrating the PAN (Personal Area Network) profile into the LocalNavigator BlueXS-A has simplified LAN (Local Area Network) access. The use of the protocol stack eliminates the need for laborious configurations. Compared to LAP (LAN Access Profile) network access, for example, the PPP authentication used there is no longer required. The result is that even simple TCP/IP communication between different terminals becomes possible via the LAN access point. The LocalNavigator BlueXS-A does of course continue to offer parallel support for the LAN access profile.

See press release.
  Details of lesswire's products can be found on the Applications Software, Access Points, Router & Infrastructure, Location Based Products, Tracking, Tagging & Security pages.  
Tuesday May 28, 2002

192: Texas Instruments Receives Frost & Sullivan Pricing Strategy Award   
10:48AM EST
The Frost & Sullivan Pricing Strategy Award was presented to Texas Instruments today, recognizing the company's effectiveness over the last 12 months in driving down the price of Bluetooth chipsets. Texas Instruments, a wireless semiconductor supplier, was selected for this prestigious award on the basis of research conducted by a team of independent analysts from Frost & Sullivan. The research included tracking criteria such as market share, revenue growth and market penetration in order to evaluate goal progress in relation to pricing strategy.
  Details of Texas Instruments products can be found on the Development Kits, Semiconductors - Baseband & Controllers, Semiconductors - RF pages.  
Thursday May 23, 2002

191: Brightcom introduces its intelliblue BIC2102 Application Processor
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members

BrightCom Technologies Ltd. have announced the launch of its new IntelliBLUE BIC2102 Application Processor. The BIC2102 is the first chip designed with enough MIPS and data memory to run embedded applications – together with the Bluetooth baseband and protocol stack.

See press release.
  Details of Brightcom's products can be found on the Development Kits, IP for Silicon, Semiconductors - Baseband & Controllers pages.  

190: IAR Systems qualifies its Bluetooth Protocol Stack on a Mitsubishi M16C/62 device
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members

IAR Systems have announced that its Bluetooth Protocol Stack is qualified according to the Bluetooth specification v1.1 on a Mitsubishi M16C/62 microcontroller device. IAR Systems and Mitsubishi Electric Europe also announced a partnership around the Bluetooth Protocol Stack technology for Mitsubishi devices and customers.

Mitsubishi has also selected the Embedded Bluetooth Protocol Stack from IAR as one of the preferred stack suppliers for its microcontroller devices and Mitsubishi customers. In the partnership between IAR Systems and Mitsubishi, IAR will promote the Mitsubishi M16C/62 device as the qualified reference design, while Mitsubishi will recommend its customers to use the IAR stack.

See press release. (PDF File)
  Details of IAR Systems products can be found on the Applications Software, Consultancy, Development Kits, Developer Tools, Protocol StackTest Houses pages.  

9: arca technologies and Mezoe set to make waves in Bluetooth testing
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members
arca technologies ltd have announced the latest addition to their range of Bluetooth test tools.  Incorporating software from Mezoe, the Cambridge UK based wireless products business of Cambridge Consultants Limited (CCL), the arca|Wavemaker Bluetooth Profile Simulator simulates the behaviour of an active Bluetooth device allowing test technicians and developers to quickly and easily generate, test and analyse Bluetooth traffic.

The combination of arca technologies’ existing expertise in the area of Bluetooth testing and protocol analysis and Mezoe’s highly respected software toolkits has produced a powerful test and debug tool with triple functionality: Command Generation, Profile Simulation and Serial Port Protocol Analysis.

See press release.
  Details of arca technologies' products can be found on the Test Equipment page.  
Wednesday May 22, 2002

188: CETECOM opens the first Bluetooth Interoperability Lab in Europe
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members

CETECOM in Spain have announced that the first Bluetooth Interoperability Testing Laboratory in Europe has been set up. FUJITSU Ltd joined the program with a Bluetooth enabled notebook. This Reference Solution is the LifeBook B-2547 (currently available in the Market). CETECOM provides FUJITSU Ltd. with testing and consultancy services to guarantee the best performance of these Bluetooth products, to qualify and approve them in international markets.

The interoperability lab, located at CETECOM in Málaga (Spain), provides a space for companies to test their Bluetooth products’ ability to operate across different platforms and with a wide variety of similar devices.

  See press release.  

187: Communications chips stabilizing but Bluetooth one of the few emerging segments   1:16AM EST
For communications chip companies, 2001 was the worst year ever, but the picture is starting to look up slightly.

The communications chip market contracted by 38 percent in 2001 in terms of revenue, a slide caused by economic slowdown, decreased spending and excess inventory, according to a report from consulting firm Gartner.

Except for a few emerging areas such as Bluetooth, nearly every segment saw revenue contract. Among the 20 largest companies, only Qualcomm experienced revenue growth. 

Tuesday May 21, 2002

186: Silicon Wave announce adaptive frequency hopping for coexistance of Bluetooth & 802.11
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members
Silicon Wave have announced their support of the FCC’s recent ruling that permits Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) as a method to help minimize interference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b) wireless technologies. The company confirmed that AFH is a coexistence solution that complements their recently released Blue802(TM) Technology. 

AFH is a technique that will allow multiple devices located in the same area to share the unlicensed 2.4GHz ISM band, while Blue802 Technology solves the technical issues created when Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless technologies are collocated in the same device. Silicon Wave also announced that AFH will be incorporated into future releases of Blue802 Technology once the Bluetooth SIG adopts it as part of the Bluetooth specification.

  Details of Silicon Wave's products can be found on the Design Solutions, Development Kits, IP for Silicon, Protocol Stack, Semiconductors RF ICs, Semiconductors - Baseband & Controllers pages.  
Monday May 20, 2002

185: 3Com unveils wireless printing kit 
3:01PM EST
3Com has launched a printer kit that will let people link their computers and printers with a short-range wireless protocol.

The Wireless Bluetooth Printing Kit, which costs $250, includes a wireless Bluetooth USB (universal serial bus) adapter and a wireless Bluetooth parallel-port printer adapter. More adapters are available and sell for $149 each.

3Com says the connection will be reliable for up to nearly 33 feet indoors. Bluetooth allows data to be transferred at speeds up to 1mbps.

  Details of 3Com's products can be found on the PC Cards, USB Dongles pages.  

184: Hyundai Autonet and Motorola Shake Hands on Hands-free Solutions 
6:30AM EST   (PR Newswire)
Hyundai Autonet has selected Motorola as its premier partner for digital entertainment and Bluetooth hands-free solutions. The combination of Motorola's and Hyundai Autonet's strengths is expected to lead to a cost-effective integration of capability-tiered Bluetooth hands-free solutions, making these features affordable in nearly every car. 
  Details of Motorola's products can be found on the Headsets, Modules, Mobile Phones, PC Cards, Semiconductors - RF, USB Dongles pages.  
Wednesday May 15, 2002

183: Two-piece cell phone cuts radiation
6:33PM EST
  A Hong Kong-based company has developed a cell phone that could put radio frequency farther from the user.

Group Sense's Greenphone e688 splits the conventional cell phone into two parts but maintains connectivity wirelessly via Bluetooth, a radio-frequency communication standard. The main handset, called the eFone, contains the display screen, speaker and microphone. This device is used for making voice calls and typing text messages.

Thursday May 09, 2002

182: Roadside Telematics and CUE Deliver Emergency Roadside Medical Messaging Over 802.11 and Bluetooth
3:35PM EST 
  Roadside Telematics Corporation announced today that the company has partnered with CUE Corporation of Irvine, California to deliver emergency roadside medical messaging over local wireless networks using 802.11 and Bluetooth technology. 

The new medical messaging Web service, RoadMedic, uses the FM Gateway receiver CUE has developed to receive data on FM subcarrier and retransmit on 802.11 or Bluetooth wireless networks. CUE partnered with D-Link of Irvine, California to develop the 802.11 and Bluetooth solution.

Tuesday May 07, 2002

181: Anritsu partners with CETECOM to offer complete Bluetooth Solution
Provided by The Wireless Directory Members

Anritsu has been successfully supplying development equipment for Bluetooth for over a year, and meeting the need for high-speed volume testing with its MT8850A Bluetooth testset. The company has now introduced the ME7865A Bluetooth Pre-Qualification Test System (PQTS) and a discount scheme for the qualification process in co-operation with Centro de Tecnologia de las Comunicaciones, S. A. (CETECOM Spain).

The PQTS enables companies to get their products to market much more quickly. Using the PQTS in-house significantly reduces the risk of failure in the Bluetooth Qualification process, by enabling manufacturers to ensure conformance to the RF test specification before committing to costly and time-consuming final conformance testing and qualification.

See press release

  Details of Anritsu's products can be found on the Test Equipment page.  

180: Brain Boxes Compact Flash card with full support for Microsoft Windows CE .NET
Provided by The Wireless Directory Members

Brain Boxes, have announced at the Microsoft EMEA Mobility Developer Conference that its Bluetooth CompactFlash card is fully supported by the Microsoft Windows CE .NET operating system for true plug and play capability. The new card is supported on any device running Windows CE .NET that has Bluetooth enabled. 

See press release

  Details of Brain Boxes products can be found on the PC Cards, Compact Flash Cards, Serial Port Adapters, USB Dongles pages.  
Monday May 06, 2002

179: SiGe Semiconductor's range charger technology boosts performance of class 1 Bluetooth products from W-Link.
Provided by The Wireless Directory Members

The PA2423 power amplifier strengthens signal integrity in W-Link's Bluetooth products to boost performance of wireless data exchange, and network and Internet access in a range of personal wireless, SOHO and Enterprise applications.

Portfolio delivers complete range of wireless connectivity options SiGe's PA2423MB is integrated into six of W-Link's Class 1 Bluetooth products, including the WBT-3041 Compact Flash card for PDAs, handhelds, and laptops; the WBT-3021 USB dongle and WBT-3031 PCMCIA Card for laptops and personal computers; the WBT-3051 Bluetooth Gateway and WBT-3052 Bluetooth Access Point for network and Internet access; and the WBT-3011 Class 1 module for embedded applications.

See press release

  Details of SiGe's products can be found on the Semiconductors RF ICs page.  
Thursday May 02, 2002

178: Siemens AG Austria announces the launch of the SieMo S50037 Bluetooth module on the European market
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members
Siemens AG Austria have announced the European market availability of the SieMo S50037, providing manufacturers with complete Bluetooth V1.1 functionality (based on the CSR single-chip), as well as compatibility with a major Bluetooth module.
The SieMo S50037 has also been integrated into the new Bluetooth LAN access point " blue2net ", another Siemens Bluetooth product, launched simultaneously.

For further details see the press release.

Details of Siemens' products can be found on the Access Points, Routers and Infrastructure, Modules pages.

177: Siemens AG Austria announces the arrival of " blue2net " in Europe
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members
Siemens AG Austria have announced the launch of blue2net, a Bluetooth LAN access point ideal for the SME (small & medium enterprise) & SoHo (small office home office) market, a product designed to offer access to all LAN (Local Area Network) and Internet resources and services.
blue2net allows up to 7 users or devices to connect simultaneously within a range of 10-30 metres. The access point is compatible with all well-known brands of Bluetooth-enabled devices and is easily configured via a simple web user interface. Fully upgradeable, blue2net uses embedded Linux, has both an integrated WEB server and firewall and supports DHCP.

For further details see the press release.

Details of Siemens' products can be found on the Access Points, Routers and Infrastructure, Modules pages.
Wednesday May 01, 2002

176: The Wireless Directory becomes Online Partner with Bluetooth Congress 2002
Supplied by The Wireless Directory.

WTIS Ltd, the company that supports the The Wireless Directory and DECTweb communities, have announced an agreement with IBC (Informa) to become their Online Partners for the Bluetooth Congress. The congress itself will be happening between the 11-14th June 2002 in Amsterdam and is the annual official Bluetooth Conference supported by the Bluetooth SIG.

As a part of its support for the Bluetooth Congress, The Wireless Directory has launched the Online The Wireless Directory Message Board, initially aimed at providing an easy facility for companies exhibiting and attending the Congress to arrange meetings at the event.

Details on the Bluetooth Congress can be found on the Conferences page

175:  RTX Telecom invests in LitePoint Corporation, an American chip development
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members.

RTX Telecom has signed an agreement with the shareholders in the American company LitePoint Corporation to the effect that RTX Telecom will invest USD 1.5 million in the company. This investment will involve the issuing of new shares in LitePoint Corporation, which will give RTX Telecom 15% ownership. The agreement also contains a provision for additional investments within a two-year time frame.

This investment is in accordance with RTX Telecom’s ongoing programme of assessment and implementation of possible strategically advantageous purchases, in cases where such purchases provide access to additional staff resources and/or key technologies that contribute to the fulfilment of the company’s objectives.

See press release for further details.
  Details of RTX Telecom's products can be found on the Access Points, Routers and Infrastructure, Consultancy, Design Solutions, Development KitsHeadsets, IP for Silicon, Mobile Phones, Protocol Stack ,Software Developers, Test Equipment, USB Dongles pages.  

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