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News Archive - March 2002

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For the latest Bluetooth & Wireless news see the News Page and Internet News Search .

Wednesday March 27, 2002

N160: Motorola extends J2ME Software development with additional support for Bluetooth 
6:47AM EST   (PR Newswire)
... Motorola has extended its leadership in providing software solutions based on the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) by today launching several products designed to allow manufacturers to develop applications more quickly for mobile communication devices. The company announced the addition of support for the Bluetooth wireless communication standard, as well as support for ARM's(R) Jazelle technology for Java acceleration into its J2ME software platform, known as the Motorola Embedded Reference Implementation for J2ME Technology (MERI)....
  Details of Motorola's products can be found on the Mobile Phones, PC Cards, USB Dongles pages.  
Tuesday March 26, 2002

N159: Bluetooth Serial Adapter Released
Provided by The Wireless Directory Members

Stollmann has now released Version 1.3 of its BlueRS+ Bluetooth serial adapter. This device permits wireless interconnection of any devices featuring a serial port, without any modification to the software.

  See their full press release.
Stollmann's products can be found on the Development Kits, Innovative Products, Protocol Stack, Serial Port Adapters, Training pages.

58: Stollmann Increases Stake in Bluetooth SIG
Provided by The Wireless Directory Members

Stollmann will be responsible for maintaining the Dial-up Network and Fax profiles within the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), where these profiles are developed and which acts as a clearing house addressing any incongruities arising from the relevant technical specifications.

  See their full press release.
Stollmann's products can be found on the Development Kits, Innovative Products, Protocol Stack, Serial Port Adapters, Training pages.
Monday March 25, 2002

7: TDK Systems exposes the phoney war between Bluetooth and Wireless LAN

Provided by The Wireless Directory Members

White Paper uncovers the truth behind the wireless hype. By the end of this year, more than 24 million Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones will be in use worldwide. The forecast, by Nick Hunn, managing director at TDK Systems Europe, is based on industry research, which shows that 11 million Bluetooth chipsets have already been shipped.

In a White Paper released today, entitled ‘Bluetooth and Wi-Fi’, Hunn also predicts that by 2006 Bluetooth chip manufacturers will sell as many products in one week as 802.11b Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) specialists ship in one year. The time has therefore come for the two standards to call a truce and agree that both are successful and complementary.

  See their full press release.
TDK System's products can also be found on the PC Cards, PDA Accessories, USB Dongles page.

6: CSR Selects SiGe PA for BlueCore2 Reference Design

Provided by The Wireless Directory Members

CSR have extended their relationship with SiGe Semiconductor, by selecting the PA2423L Bluetooth Class 1 Power Amplifier for BlueCore2 Reference Design. 

The BlueCore2 reference design is the third of CSR's BlueCore-based development systems to integrate a power amplifier from SiGe Semiconductor's PA2423 family of devices. The combination of CSR's BlueCore2 radio and SiGe Semiconductor's PA2423L power amplifier enables system designers to meet all consumer requirements for performance, battery life and cost in systems including cellular phones, PCs, PDAs, PCMCIA cards and access points.

  See their full press release.
SiGe's products can also be found on the Semiconductors RF ICs page.
CSR's products can also be found on the Semiconductor Single Chip Solutions page. Their will also be a number of further product additions from CSR to The Wireless Directory shortly.

5: Type-approved USB dongle simplifies Bluetooth implementation

Provided by The Wireless Directory Members
The Mitsumi adaptor from Flint needs no further involvement from the system developer: no hardware design, no software stack, not even type approval. The only requirements are a standard USB port, and the need to ensure that the tiny antenna at the end of the dongle protrudes from the case.

The USB dongle features a highly integrated chip, with all RF and baseband circuitry, Bluetooth Lower Protocol and USB core all built into a single CMOS device. Its onboard antenna takes micro miniaturisation a stage further: the entire adapter is just 20mm wide, less than 8mm thick and is 60mm in length including the A-type male USB connector.
  See their full press release.
Flint's products can also be found on the Technology Distributors pages.
Thursday March 21, 2002

4: IAR Systems launches enhanced toolkit for Atmel’s AVR family of microcontrollers

Provided by The Wireless Directory Members
IAR Systems have announced the improved support for Atmel’s  AVR family of microcontrollers in the IAR Embedded Workbench, the Integrated Development Environment for embedded applications. The new toolkit includes support for the ICE 200 in-circuit emulator and the ATmega64 derivative, in addition to the many AVR derivatives already supported in the IAR Embedded Workbench.

In addition to the previous support for the Atmel AVR, IAR has now extended its commitment to the AVR user community by offering support for the new ATmega64 derivative from Atmel as well as an interface to the ICE 200 in-circuit emulator, which is completely integrated into the IAR Embedded Workbench.
  See their full press release.
IAR Systems products can also be found on the Applications Software, Consultancy, Development Kits, Developer Tools, Protocol StackTest Houses pages.

N153: First full Bluetooth compliance testing laboratory in South East Asia
Provided by The Wireless Directory Members
Centro de Tecnología de las Comunicaciones, S.A. (CETECOM), Spain, has signed a global agreement with PSB Corporation (PSB Corp), Singapore, in order to develop and enhance PSB Corp's Bluetooth services in the Asia Pacific region. The partnership makes PSB Corp the first organisation in South East Asia to provide full Bluetooth compliance testing services.

CETECOM has collaborated with PSB Corp in the whole process of setting up a Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility (BQTF), including test systems supply (BITE), training, technical assistance and maintenance, with the main aim of assisting companies in the Asia Pacific region to qualify their Bluetooth products. PSB Corp will be established as a BQTF using CETECOM 's platforms, which include BITE RF, BITE Protocol & Profile, BITE Engineering and BITE Blue Unit testers.

Mr. Andres Moreno, Telecommunications Director at CETECOM, comments that "this partnership will increase the strengths of CETECOM and BITE testers in the Asia Pacific and will contribute to a better knowledge of the Bluetooth wireless technology in this region.".

Mr. Peter Leong, Senior Vice President of PSB Corporation's Testing Group, said that "the Asia Pacific region would see unprecedented developments in wireless technologies. This will largely be driven by consumers' demand for connectivity, ease of use and portability offered by wireless products. PSB Corp's partnership with CETECOM will make Bluetooth wireless technology and Bluetooth testing products and services available at a company's doorstep".
  Details about CETECOM's services can be found on the Test Equipment, Test Houses pages.  

N152: CETECOM Spain, first accredited BQTF (Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility) based on BITE testers
 Provided by The Wireless Directory Members
Centro de Tecnología de las Comunicaciones, S.A. in Spain (CETECOM) has been appointed by the BQRB (Bluetooth Qualification Review Board) as a Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility (BQTF) for the scope of Radio Frequency Conformance for all category A and B test cases.

Centro de Tecnología de las Comunicaciones, S.A. is the first BQTF in the World to be appointed based on the BITE test platforms. BITE is a family of conformance testers for RF and Protocols to qualify Bluetooth products.

Andrés Moreno, Telecommunications Director at CETECOM said that "the BQTF accreditation means a recognition of our quality of service, the expertise of our staff and the guarantee of the BITE platforms as the ideal tools for Bluetooth testing. This success completes the widest range in the world for Bluetooth qualification services and reinforces CETECOM as the best partner for Bluetooth qualification".

CETECOM has been committed with the Bluetooth wireless technology since the beginning and this accreditation is one more example of its international reputation and years of research and development in this technology.

CETECOM accreditation is already listed in the Bluetooth SIG web site (
  Details about CETECOM's services can be found on the Test Equipment, Test Houses pages.  

N151:    11:07AM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... Atinav Inc., a provider of universal Internet access and communications applications for the digital economy, today announced its Bluetooth Protocol Stack version 2.0, which supports the new JSR 82 specification, Java APIs for Bluetooth. The purpose of the JSR ...  
Wednesday March 20, 2002

N150:    10:39PM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... MACWORLD EXPO, TOKYO, March 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Apple(R) (Nasdaq: AAPL) today previewed its Bluetooth technology for Mac(R) OS X, enabling short-range wireless connectivity between a Mac(R) and a variety of digital devices, including bluetooth-enabled PDAs and cell phones. ...  
Tuesday March 19, 2002

N149: Palm and Sony Ericsson Drive Bluetooth Adoption in United States  
6:16AM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... Companies Will Develop Joint Bluetooth Marketing and Promotional Programs ORLANDO, Fla., CTIA Wireless 2002, March 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Driving the adoption of Bluetooth technology in the U.S. market, Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq: PALM) and Sony Ericsson today announced a marketing alliance ...  
Monday March 18, 2002

N148: e-tenna Corporation Unveils ClearLink 2400 Antenna, Reducing Size, ...   6:20PM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... New ClearLink 2400 Antenna Is 10 Times Smaller, 100 Times Lighter And 50 Percent Less Costly Than Today's Bluetooth and 802.11b/Wi-Fi Antennas ORLANDO, Fla., March 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - e-tenna Corporation, a developer of unique radio frequency (RF) technologies for commercial ...  

N147: Patria Ailon Announces GoldenEye Bluetooth Camera   
10:47AM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... CTIA WIRELESS 2002 (Booth 2503, Finnish Pavilion), ORLANDO, Fla., March 18 /PRNewswire/ - Patria Ailon introduced today the world's first Bluetooth camera for security and surveillance solutions. GoldenEye Camera has the same high image quality as a DVD disc (VGA level picture) and ...  
Friday March 15, 2002

N146: Oki Semiconductor and Adamya Deliver Bluetooth(TM) PCMCIA Reference Design  
9:08AM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ....announced a Bluetooth PCMCIA reference design offering developers a complete, cost-effective wire replacement solution for handheld, laptop, and desktop computer connections. With a reference design based upon Oki's BQB qualified chipset and module and Adamya's C-Blue(TM) software stack....  
Thursday March 14, 2002

N145: Commil Demonstrates Real-life Bluetooth Enterprise Applications at CeBIT 2002
  Commil Ltd. announced that it will be presenting the building blocks of its Cellarion Bluetooth network system, in Hall 13 Stand A20 at CeBIT2002, March 13 - 20. The Cellarion system, a carrier-grade communication infrastructure, utilizes access points and gateways, to bring wireless networking connectivity and mobility to off-the-shelf mobile devices equipped with the standard Bluetooth chip. Serving as an indoor extension of the data and telephony infrastructure, it creates a Bluetooth network that supports roaming and seamless session handover for office buildings, shopping malls and airport terminals.  
For further details see the press release.
Details of Commil's products can be found on the Access Points, Router & Infrastructure page.

N144: Olympia International Holdings Licenses Bluetooth IP from NewLogic
  Olympia International Holdings Ltd., a vendor of modern office and communication technology, and NewLogic, a leading supplier of Bluetooth intellectual property cores, today announced a licensing deal encompassing NewLogic’s BOOST Core and BOOST Software IP products. The deal, allows Olympia to develop a cordless telephone product based upon Bluetooth wireless technology.

The Data-phone will be launched at CEBIT 2002 and mass production is scheduled from July 2002.

For further details see the press release.
Details of NewLogic's products can be found on the IP for Silicon page.
Wednesday March 13, 2002

N143: connectBlue launches enhanced version of ‘world-first’ industrial Bluetooth product
  connectBlue have launched its latest Bluetooth industrial product, the Wireless Information Provider 425 - an enhanced version of the Bluetooth product designed specifically to enable a wireless man to machine interface on the factory floor. 

Unveiled at the CeBIT exhibitionin Hannover, Germany, the Wireless Information Provider 425 contains all of the functionality of the original Wireless Information Provider 120 with the added feature of high speed Ethernet access.
For further details see the press release.
Details of connectBlue's products can be found on the Access Points, Routers and Infrastructure, Consultancy, Design Solutions, Development Kits, Developer Tools, Industrial Applications, Serial Port Adapters, Training pages.

N142: IAR Systems releases new version of IAR PreQual
  IAR Systems’ test/debug and qualification tool, PreQual, is a generic test platform which today has an implementation for BluetoothTM test/debug and qualification. The new release of IAR PreQual includes a complete test suite for the File Transfer Profile.

IAR PreQual enables manufacturers not only to test and debug their Bluetooth devices but also to qualify Bluetooth products according to the Qualification Program Reference Document (PRD). IAR PreQual contains test suites for all protocols and profiles above HCI for qualification testing as well as for various application profiles.  
For further details see the press release.
IAR's products can be found on the Applications Software, Consultancy, Development Kits, Developer Tools, Protocol StackTest Houses pages.

N141: Motorola Sets Priorities for Growth in 2002  
8:32AM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... content agreements, a stunning new range of wireless devices and live demonstrations of key new wireless technologies - 3G, J2ME, GPRS and Bluetooth(TM) wireless technology. "Our increased market share demonstrates that our decision to focus on key priorities was correct," said Mike ...  
Motorola's & Digianswer's (part of Motorola) products can be found on the Mobile Phones, PC Cards, USB Dongles & Applications Software, Development Kits, Headsets, PC Cards, Retailers pages.

N140: Samsonite Launches First Intelligent Business Case   
5:08AM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... - Samsonite, world-wide market leader in luggage, launched today the 625 Series Hardlite(R) ICT product range, presenting the first business case with Bluetooth(TM)?technology. Bluetooth(TM) wireless technology is a world-wide specification for a small-form factor, low-cost radio solution ...  

N139: National Semiconductor Drives the Bluetooth Market With PC and ...   3:08AM EST   (PR Newswire)
... New Wireless Accessories Provide Instant Bluetooth Connectivity For PCs, Notebooks and PDAs CeBIT, HANOVER, Germany. National Semiconductor Corporation today introduced its next generation Bluetooth accessories, the LSE141 PC card ...
  National Semiconductor's products can be found on the Semiconductors RF ICs, Semiconductors - Baseband & Controllers pages.  
Monday March 11, 2002

N138: IXI Mobile and mSAFE Partner to Enhance Billing of Wireless Data   
10:11AM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... providers to improve user experience. IXI's PMG is a micro router and server that serves as the single cellular connection for a variety of Bluetooth devices consumers carry or wear. The PMG is a stand-alone device that is pocket-sized, a battery-pack for legacy phones, or can be integrated ...  
Sunday March 10, 2002

N137: Flint builds Wireless team, extends relationship with CSR
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members
Flint Wireless has announced that it has been appointed the sole UK agent, as well as distributor for CSR Bluetooth silicon and development tools, following the termination of CSR's relationship with Silex. To help support its growing level of Bluetooth business, Flint has also added George Dunlop, as a Communications Systems Specialist, and Mo Farhand as Technical Specialist extending its team supporting Bluetooth technology.
For further details see the press release.
Friday March 08, 2002

N136: connectBlue signs financing deal with Schneider Electric
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members
connectBlue have announced that Schneider Electric Ventures, an investment fund dedicated to providing equity capital for small, innovative organisations, has agreed to an undisclosed financial investment in the Swedish company.  As a result of the deal, Schneider Electric will acquire a 19 percent stake holding in connectBlue. 
For further details see the press release.
  Details of connectBlue's products can be found on the Access Points, Routers and Infrastructure, Consultancy, Design Solutions, Development Kits, Developer Tools, Industrial Applications, Serial Port Adapters, Training pages.
Wednesday March 06, 2002

N135: Palm Gives Educators at FETC New Reasons to Go Mobile 
9:01AM EST   (PR Newswire)
  Palm also will showcase recently announced products: the Palm Bluetooth Card, which is an SDIO card that allows new levels of wireless communication, collaboration and connection, and two color handhelds.
Tuesday March 05, 2002

N134: AT&T Wireless Expands Portfolio of GSM(TM)/GPRS Phones   9:50AM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... markets across the country. The Sony Ericsson T68 wireless phone is the first GSM/GPRS phone in the United States to feature a color screen and Bluetooth wireless technology. The tri-band phone works on 900, 1800 and 1900 megahertz GSM networks and, in the near future, will allow ...
Monday March 04, 2002

Stollmann has released Bluetooth Development Kit
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members

Stollmann has released the new version of the Bluetooth Development Kits, called BlueDevKit+. It now includes the BlueCode+ Bluetooth upper layer stack with a BlueFace+-based test application. The second product contained in BlueDevKit+ is the BlueRS+ serial Bluetooth adapter that can be connected to external and internal serial interfaces. It can be used to replace a V.24/RS232 cable. BlueWinDriver+ for Windows 98 with USB and PCMCIA Bluetooth adapter hardware and the BlueControl+ application greatly simplify Bluetooth utilization by Windows-based PCs. Also included is BlueTA+, a wireless ISDN modem giving notebooks, PDAs, or other Bluetooth devices access to ISDN.

For full details see the Press Release.
Stollmann's products can be found on the Development Kits, Innovative Products, Protocol Stack, Serial Port Adapters, Training pages.

N132: Wireless Design Conference to become The Wireless Directory/DECTweb's Online Partner 
Supplied by WTIS Ltd. & Partners

WTIS Ltd. the company that runs both The Wireless Directory & DECTweb  have announced that they have agreed a deal with the Wireless Design Conference happening on the 15 - 17 May 2002 to become their online partner. This will mean that members of both The Wireless Directory & DECTweb will be able to gain a 10% discount if they book through either of the two websites.

The Wireless Designs Conference itself will be happening on the 15 - 17 May 2002 in London. See their program details. There will be a number of seminars covering Bluetooth along with a specific workshop on the 17th May looking at "Test Considerations for the Development of Bluetooth-enabled Products". 

To benefit from these discounts please either register online (reduced fees are stated on the second table down for members of IEEE etc.) or contact Nicola Jedrej via e-mail, stating specifically you are a member of The Wireless Directory/DECTweb.

If you wish to become a member of the The Wireless Directory/DECTweb communities and gain the benefit of these discounts, you can join here.

For full details see Conferences page.

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