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News Archive - February 2002

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Wednesday February 27, 2002

N131: RTX Telecom and Impulsesoft announce a new partnership to Deliver Complete Bluetooth System Solution for PC OEMs 
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members & our sponsors RTX Telecom

Impulsesoft and RTX Telecom, a leading independent supplier of Total Product Development Solutions in the advanced wireless communication standards, today announced that they have entered into a partnership to jointly offer a complete certified Bluetooth solution to potential customers. As per the agreement, Impulsesoft’s Bluetooth protocol stack for PC, BluePC will be bundled along with RTX’s Bluetooth USB dongle for PC and peripheral OEMs and contract manufacturers.

The complete Bluetooth 1.1 compliant product is pre-tested for interoperability, performance and stability. It offers the customers benefits of a robust and reliable Bluetooth solution, thus reducing their time to market.

For full details see the RTX press release.
RTX Telecom's products can be found on the Access Points, Routers and Infrastructure, Consultancy, Design Solutions, Development KitsHeadsets, IP for Silicon, Mobile Phones, Protocol Stack ,Software Developers, Test Equipment, USB Dongles pages. 
Or see the Impulsesoft press release.
  Impulsesoft's products can be found on the Applications Software, Developer Tools, Development Kits, Industrial Applications, Protocol Stack, Serial Port Adapters pages. 
Tuesday February 26, 2002

N130: HCV Wireless adds Java to Bluemod and establishes University Link 
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members

HCV Wireless has announced the addition of a Java Virtual Machine engine (JVM) to its BlueMod Developer Kit. The project to add Java functionality was instigated largely in response to feedback from early adopters of the BlueMod platform. "Our first users were quick to point out that while C is still the language of choice for the majority of embedded developers, Java is gaining a strong foothold for its flexibility and portability," said HCV Wireless CEO and founder Mr. Henry Valk. "By adding Java to the platform we are providing a valuable tool to an even larger development community."

HCV Wireless has also announced success with the University of Queensland. Ten BlueMod devices have been acquired for use in teaching and research projects at the University's School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering.

  HCV Wireless's products can be found on the Development Kits, Modules pages. 

N129: Fujitsu Microelectronics America's New Bluetooth Baseband IC Series ...   11:04AM EST   (PR Newswire)
... Mobile Wireless Applications SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 26 /PRNewswire/ - Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc. (FMA) today announced a pair of new Bluetooth Baseband ICs for hands-free cellular phones and other mobile wireless applications. Fujitsu's new MB86C00 and MBG011 baseband ...
  Fujitsu's products can be found on the Access Points, Routers and Infrastructure, PC Cards pages. 
Monday February 25, 2002

Flint picks up antennas for Wireless Data
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members

Flint Wireless has added antenna designer and manufacturer Centurion to its portfolio of wireless data and Bluetooth franchises.

According to Flint Marketing Manager, Doug Gilmour, the Centurion franchise rounds out Flint Wireless support for other wireless data standards, such as 802.11, ISM, Ardis, Ram, CDPD, and SMR, and gives Flint a complementary range of Bluetooth antennas to its existing GigaAnt profile. 

For full details see the press release.

  Centurion's products can be found on the Antennas, Design Solutions pages.  
Wednesday February 20, 2002

N127: Tektronix to Address Next-Generation Wireless Test Issues at Premier ... 
  10:04AM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... Wireless Systems 2002 Sessions to Include Comprehensive 2.5G/3G Test Discussion, Bluetooth Compliance Test Tutorial BEAVERTON, Ore., Feb. 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Tektronix, Inc. (NYSE: TEK), a leader in the wireless communications test, measurement and monitoring industry, today ...  

N126: Colligo Networks' Licenses Portable Collaboration Applications to ...  
9:52AM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... Colligo delivers Bluetooth short-range wireless applications to Palm handhelds CANNES, FRANCE, 3GSM CONFERENCE, Feb. 20 /PRNewswire/ - Colligo Networks, Inc., a provider of collaboration software for mobile workers, today announced that Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq: PALM), a leading provider ...  
Tuesday February 19, 2002

Broadcom Demonstrates Widest Range of Short-Range Wireless ...   4:28AM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Products Comprise Company's Offering of Chips And Systems for End-to-End Wireless and Mobile Connectivity CANNES, France, 3GSM World Congress, Feb. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Broadcom Corporation, the leading provider of integrated circuits ...  
Broadcomproducts can be found on the Semiconductors - RF, Semiconductors - Single Chip pages.

N124: Microsoft to Chair Bluetooth SIG
12:17AM EST   (PR Newswire)
Bluetooth SIG As further evidence of Microsoft's participation in standards bodies, Dr. Michael Foley, technical evangelist for Windows, has been elected chair of the Bluetooth SIG. The Bluetooth SIG, composed of leaders in the telecommunications, computing and network industries, is helping drive the development and advancement of Bluetooth technology and bring it to market. In addition to chairing the SIG overall, Microsoft is active in or chairs a number of the subcommittees including these: -- Host Controller Interface working group -- Human Interface Device working group -- Bluetooth Architecture board -- Printing and PAN working group
  Microsoftproducts can be found on the Applications Software, PDA Accessories pages.  
Thursday February 14, 2002

: Stollmann presents Bluetooth Tutorial on the Web
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members
Stollmann is offering a Bluetooth tutorial explaining all the most important aspects for Bluetooth integration. This tutorial is based on a series of presentations and workshops held by Stollmann on the topic of Bluetooth.

This tutorial addresses the following topics: Basic Bluetooth technology, product reviews and surveys, integration of serial Bluetooth modules, and integration of a Bluetooth protocol stack. It therefore covers, in a succinct way, all the factors that feature in the development of Bluetooth products.

For full details see the press release.

  Stollmann's products can be found on the Innovative Products, Protocol Stack, Serial Port Adapters pages.  

IAR Systems releases complete test suites for Bluetooth application profile Dial-up network
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members
IAR Systems test/debug and qualification tool, PreQual, is a generic test platform which today has an implementation for Bluetooth test/debug and qualification. IAR PreQual has earlier released test suites for the Bluetooth application profiles LAN access and headset.

IAR PreQual enables manufacturers to test and qualify Bluetooth products according to the Qualification Program Reference Document (PRD). IAR PreQual contains test suites for all protocols and profiles above HCI for qualification testing as well as for various application profiles.

For full details see the press release.

  IAR's products can be found on Applications Software, Consultancy, Development Kits, Developer ToolsTest Houses pages.  

N121: Steltor Unveils Breakthrough SyncML-Compliant Syncserver, a New Era ...   6:06PM EST   (PR Newswire)
... a household appliance - can be synchronized directly to a central data store over any kind of connection: via Internet, wireless network, e-mail or Bluetooth. Tom Nyberg of Nokia, one of the founding companies of the SyncML Initiative, views the launch of Steltor's SyncServer as good ...

N120: Honeywell licenses Bluetooth protocol stack technology from IAR Systems
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members
IAR Systems have announced that Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies, part of diversified technology and manufacturing leader Honeywell International Inc., has placed an order for the Bluetooth Protocol stack technology.

For full details see the press release.

  IAR's products can be found on Applications Software, Consultancy, Development Kits, Developer ToolsTest Houses pages.  

N119: Motorola Unveils Global 2002 Handset and Accessory Portfolio -- ...   6:28AM EST   (PR Newswire)
... a full range of communications and entertainment features. The fun never stops with high-speed voice and data functionality*, MMS, a video camera, Bluetooth wireless technology, downloadable ring tones, games and Multi-call, for conducting a phone call while simultaneously using ...
  Motorola's products can be found on the Mobile Phones, PC Cards, USB Dongles pages.  
Tuesday February 13, 2002

8: TDK Systems provides mobile access to Windows XP
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members

TDK Systems’ mobile communications solution, GlobalPulse, is now available for users of Windows XP, without the continual cost of licence upgrades.

GlobalPulse is a software application which replaces a modem with a simple cable connection, enabling users to access emails and the Web, regardless of their location and works across six Windows operating systems, from 95 to XP.

For full details see the press release.

  TDK Systems products can be found on the PC Cards, PDA Accessories, USB Dongles pages.  
Tuesday February 12, 2002

N117: Broadcom Announces Industry's First Dedicated Bluetooth(TM) Headset ...
   10:00AM EST   (PR Newswire)
... Superior Audio Quality, Talk-Time and BOM Enable Headset Makers to Drive Wireless Bluetooth Headsets Into the Mainstream Headset Market IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Broadcom Corporation, the leading provider of integrated circuits enabling broadband ...
  Broadcom's products can be found on the Semiconductors - RF, Semiconductors - Single Chip pages.  
Monday February 11, 2002

N116: Duracell and IXI Mobile Form Strategic Alliance to Pioneer Primary ...  
3:00PM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... the development of entirely new wireless devices and services, today announced a strategic partnership to pioneer the usage of primary batteries in Bluetooth devices. Under the terms of the agreement, Duracell will provide zinc air batteries and power consulting services to IXI Mobile ...  

IXI Mobile Demonstrates New Wireless Solution and the First Personal ...   3:00PM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... element of the IXI Solution is the Personal Mobile Gateway (PMG), a micro router and server that serves as the single cellular connection for a variety of Bluetooth devices consumers carry or wear. Accompanying the PMG is an end-to-end software solution for wireless service operators ...  

N114:IAR Systems and OSE Systems, an Enea company, announce new cooperative agreement to benefit mutual customers  
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members

IAR Systems, and OSE Systems have announced a new cooperative agreement to jointly support their common customers with a full range of real-time solutions for embedded applications. The newly announced cooperative agreement will focus on the most important areas of technology for mutual customers in order to increase real-time capabilities and connectivity of applications developed with software tools from both manufacturers.  

For full details see the press release.

  IAR's products can be found on Applications Software, Consultancy, Development Kits, Developer ToolsTest Houses pages.  
Thursday February 09, 2002

:IAR Systems and Hitachi close another deal on MakeApp device driver development technology
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members and various other websites

IAR Systems today announced that Hitachi Micro-Systems Europe Ltd. has placed another order on IAR MakeApp device driver development technology for the Hitachi H8S devices. This is the second MakeApp order from Hitachi in a short period of time, and it strengthens IAR MakeApp as the leading device driver development technology, and at the same time eases migration to the Hitachi H8S devices for product developers. 

For full details see the press release.
  IAR's products can be found on Applications Software, Consultancy, Development Kits, Developer ToolsTest Houses pages.
products can be found on Semiconductors - Baseband & Controllers page.

N112:Compaq's Award-Winning Evo D500 Ultra-Slim Desktop Now Available for ...   4:02PM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... available with an optional legacy module for maximum flexibility, and also incorporates Compaq's innovative MultiPort wireless technology (802.11b or Bluetooth) and hot-swappable MultiBay storage solution, allowing the PC to evolve as technologies change or mature, thereby extending ...  

N111:Colligo Networks Secures US $3.5 Million Series A Financing   11:11AM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... because they enable people to collaborate effectively whether in the office or on the road over wireless networks, including 802.11 wireless LANs and Bluetooth. As collaboration tools for mobile workers become strategic to enterprises, we expect Colligo to solidify its technology leadership ...  
Tuesday February 07, 2002

N110:Bluetooth at the Consumer Electronics Show Review
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members and various other websites

"Real-life" Bluetooth products that can be used in today's environments. Well, like the recent Developers' Conference, the Consumer Electronics Show served to demonstrate that the Bluetooth industry is at last beginning to release such products, with a number of new Bluetooth enabled products on view and being released.

Motorola won an Innovations Award for its Hands-free Headset specifically designed for use in the car, a silver-dollar-size metallic earpiece-and-microphone unit that lets users answer Bluetooth-enabled cellphone call wirelessly. The user has to open the headset and clamp it over his ear to begin the conversation. The phone remains untouched, stored in the nearby car glove box, inside a briefcase, or even in the boot of the car. The cellphone can be anywhere in the car, within 30 feet of the car kit, in order to be connected.  Product availability is targeted as first quarter, with a suggested retail price of $199.

Microsoft used CES to introduce Windows CE .Net, a variant of the Windows CE operating system, and which incorporates a version of Microsoft's .Net APIs and interfaces, called .Net Compact Framework. This framework software includes an array of Internet standards such as XML and Simple Object Access Protocol.

Plantronics were also demonstrating their headset solution, its prototype M1500 Bluetooth headset. The M1500 consists of an over-the-ear microphone and speaker, and a Bluetooth wireless networking dongle that attaches to a Nokia mobile phone (other manufacturers' phones are in development). Once attached, the M1500 allows the user to talk on the phone which may be in a pocket or a briefcase up to 30 feet away.

Sony demonstrated their Bluetooth Camcorders. The company  introduced the first pocketsized camcorder, the MicroMV Handicam, claimed to be the world's smallest and lightest digital camcorder. The product weighs 12 ounces and measuring 1 7/8 inches by 4 inches by 3 1/8 inches. The matchbook-sized cassette holds 60 minutes of digital footage. It is also the first camcorder to use Bluetooth technology for wirelessly transferring data between devices without booting up the PC. The new DCR-IP5 and the DCR-IP7BT MicroMV camcorders will both be available in early February priced around  $1,300 and $1,700, respectively.

  Motorola products can be found on Mobile Phones, PC Cards, USB Dongles
products can be found on Applications Software, PDA Accessories
products can be found on Cameras, Mobile Phones

N109:Radio Frequency Investigation (RFI) completes Bluetooth test portfolio with RF Conformance Tester from CETECOM
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members
Radio Frequency Investigation Ltd (RFI) has taken delivery of a BITE RF Conformance Tester from Spanish partner Centro de Tecnología de las Comunicaciones, S.A. (CETECOM) completing its portfolio of Bluetooth test systems and establishing RFI with full Bluetooth Qualification test capability. RFI will now proceed with gaining its official BQTF status through the Special Interest Group.

For full details see the press release.

  CETECOM's products can be found on Test Equipment, Test Houses  
Tuesday February 05, 2002

N108: Palm OS Subsidiary to Preview Palm OS 5 Beta: The Foundation for the ...   12:24AM EST   (PR Newswire)

  ... resolution, and new selectable color themes will let users customize devices. - Wireless - In addition to current support for WAN and Bluetooth, Palm OS 5 supports 802.11b for connections to wireless Local Area Networks. Availability An early seeding program for developers is underway ...  
Monday February 04, 2002

N107: TDK Systems unveils its Bluetooth enabler for the Compaq iPAQ
Supplied by The Wireless Directory Members

TDK Systems Europe has unveiled its Bluetooth enabler for the Compaq iPAQ, one of the most popular PDAs amongst business users.

‘bluePAQ’ is fitted to the Compaq iPAQ as a jacket and is the latest in TDK Systems’ ‘Go Blue’ range of Bluetooth products. It uses the Bluetooth wireless standard to add new communication capabilities to iPAQ handhelds. Users can browse their email, Web sites, Intranets and access their desktop, regardless of their location. In addition, bluePAQ enables wireless communication with mobile phones, laptops, PCs, PDAs and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

For full details see the full press release.
  Details on TDK Systems' products can be found on the PC Cards, PDA Accessories, USB Dongles pages.   

N106: McObject and Sightsys Target Israeli Embedded Data Management Market   1:07PM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... wide variety of tools and equipment by the world's leading vendors, including real-time operating systems, software and hardware test equipment, and Bluetooth wireless solutions. More information is available at http:/ About McObject McObject LLC, based in Issaquah, ...  

N105: Zyray Wireless, a Leader in WCDMA Wireless Technologies, to Use ...   11:57AM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... leading third-party solutions, Telelogic's products are based on international standardized languages and notations. Telelogic participates in 3GPP, Bluetooth SIG and OMG to create future communication technologies and visual software development languages. Headquartered in Malmo, ...  

N104: Communications IC Manufacturer, Zeevo, Announces Industry Enabling ...   8:53AM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... delivery of fully integrated System-on-a-Chip (SoC) solutions for wireless communications standards, today announced availability of the industry's first Bluetooth solution designed for the needs of embedded applications. This capability will expand the penetration of the Bluetooth ...  
Friday February 01, 2002
N103: AmbiCom Ships BQB v1.1 Qualified Bluetooth(TM) CompactFlash Card   3:08PM EST   (PR Newswire)
  ... AmbiCom Announces Production and Shipment of Its BQB v1.1 Qualified Air2Net Bluetooth CompactFlash Card FREMONT, Calif., Feb. 1 /PRNewswire/ - In a stride to expand wireless Personal Area Networks through simple, innovative, and versatile connections, AmbiCom today announced the ...  


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