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News Archive - December 2001

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For the latest Bluetooth & Wireless news see the News Page and Internet News Search .


N91:Broadcom and Palm Announce Collaboration on Advanced Bluetooth Solutions for Next-Generation Handheld Computers
At the Consumer Electronics Show, Broadcom announced that Palm has selected it  to Enable Wireless Communications for Personal Area Networks. This will specifically look at the development of advanced Bluetooth architecture for use in a next-generation Palm handheld computer. Palm will use this architecture, which is based on Broadcom's Blutonium line of transceivers, as a building block for creating innovative Personal Area Networks.

To find out more see the press release.

Details about Palm and the Broadcom Corporation to be added shortly.

N90:Developers' Conference Report now Available
News from the recent Developers' Conference is now available - see our special report.

N89:A major Asian telecommunications company licenses Bluetooth protocol stack technology from IAR Systems
IAR Systems have announced that a leading Asian telecommunications company has placed an order to its Bluetooth Protocol stack technology for use in a new product. This strategically important order is a breakthrough on the Asian market, and was closed in cooperation with Microtime Computer Inc, the IAR distributor in Taiwan .

More details can be found on the press release.

For details on IAR Systems Bluetooth solutions see the Applications Software, Consultancy, Development Kits, Developer ToolsTest Houses pages.


N88:Bluetooth protocol stack technology from IAR Systems now ported to ALPS and Taiyo Yuden modules

IAR Systems and ALPS have announced that the Embedded Bluetooth protocol stack software from IAR Systems has been ported to the Bluetooth modules from ALPS . IAR Systems has adapted and optimized its Bluetooth software for the ALPS modules for use in Bluetooth products world-wide.

Also in a separate press release IAR Systems announced that it's MakeApp solution for the Bluetooth protocol stack now supports the Bluetooth modules from Taiyo Yuden. 

Further details can be found from IAR and ALPS modules on the press release.
Further details can be found from IAR and Taiyo Yuden modules on the press release.

For details on IAR Systems Bluetooth solutions see the Applications Software, Consultancy, Development Kits, Developer ToolsTest Houses pages.

Details about ALPS can be found on the Modules page.

For details on Taiyo Yuden Bluetooth solutions see the Modules page.

N87:IAR MakeApp for the Bluetooth protocol stack now supports the Taiyo Yuden Bluetooth modules
IAR Systems and Taiyo Yuden have announced that IAR MakeApp for the Bluetooth protocol stack now supports the Bluetooth modules from Taiyo Yuden. IAR Systems has adapted and optimized its Bluetooth software for the Taiyo Yuden modules for use in Bluetooth products worldwide.

IAR Systems has adapted and optimized its Embedded Bluetooth protocol stack technology to work well with the Bluetooth modules from Taiyo Yuden, which are targeted for products with built-in Bluetooth wireless technology.

N86:Windows CE.Net ready for January launch

Microsoft Corp. is gearing up for the January launch of the next version of its Windows CE operating system, Windows CE .Net.

Windows CE .Net is an embedded operating system designed to be used in mobile devices, such as smart phones and PDAs (personal digital assistants), Eddie Wu, senior director of Microsoft's Embedded Systems Group in Asia, said the OS will be formally launched sometime next month. The software incorporates support of Bluetooth and 802.11b wireless networking protocols.

Check out Microsoft's Bluetooth products on the Applications Software, PDA Accessories pages.

85:Game Boy Advance to get Bluetooth Multiplayer
nReach have announced that they will be manufacturing a Bluetooth Adapter for the Game Boy Advance. The new adapter is designed to allow gamers interact wirelessly with each other within an area of 10-100 meters. The adapter will also enable the user to receive messages and download trial games. The Bluetooth Adapter for the Game Boy Advance will be available in Q2 of 2002.

See the innovative products page.

See the original press release.

N84:RTX Telecom Bluetooth Host Controller Core granted Bluetooth approval
RTX's Bluetooth Host Controller secured qualification approval mid-December.  

The Host Controller Core consists of different layers: Transport Layer, Data Manager, Event Manager, Link Manager and Upper Link Controller. Together, these layers handle communication between the Bluetooth module and the Host, such as link set-up and control, encryption key negotiation, authentication, data rate negotiation, and general control of slave modes, re-transmission, inquiry and inquiry scan, and the low power modes: sniff and hold.

The RTX Telecom Host Controller Core has already been proven with Bluetooth RF solutions from National Semiconductor, Silicon Wave and Conexant. The Host Controller Core is currently being licensed to customers in the Bluetooth market.

See full details in RTX's Press Release

This RTX product features on on our Protocol Stack Page
Other RTX products feature on Access Points, Routers and Infrastructure, Consultancy, Design Solutions, Development KitsHeadsets, IP for Silicon, Mobile Phones, Test Equipment, USB Dongles

N83:Bluetooth SIG set New Definitions

The Bluetooth SIG, Inc. has announced that its Human Input Devices (HID) Working Group has released a definition for how Bluetooth wireless technology will enable input devices such as mice and keyboards for computing and other wireless capable products. These enhancements are part of the new Human Input Device Profile and are expected to be adopted by the Bluetooth SIG membership.

N82:TTPCom Ltd. plan to integrate Bluetooth and GSM Cores 
The company's goal is to create an integrated device that costs $3, cheap enough for second-tier OEMs to build Bluetooth-enabled cell phones, said Charles Sturman, Bluetooth product manager for TTPCom. Top-tier cell phone manufacturers such as Nokia and Ericsson are working on their own integrated GSM-Bluetooth products, he said.

So far, TTPCom has combined application-level GSM and Bluetooth software onto a processor embedded in the GSM baseband chip. This was shown at the developers conference recently.

The second and more complex step, which TTPCom expects to complete within a few months, is to integrate the real-time elements of Bluetooth software onto the GSM baseband.

Details about TTPCom's products can be found on the Design Solutions, IP for Silicon, Protocol Stack pages.

N81: Agilent & RTX Telecom  deliver technology for development of E1852A Bluetooth Test Set

RTX Telecom has continued its collaboration with Agilent Technologies, creating an updated version of the popular, E1852A Bluetooth Test Set.

The E1852A Bluetooth Test Set, introduced December 2000, was designed for use in the development and manufacture of Bluetooth devices in the wireless networking industry, addressing the need to verify the functionality and performance of Bluetooth devices.

The updated model - the Agilent E1852B Bluetooth Test Set - is easier to integrate into manufacturing applications provides more comprehensive coverage of Bluetooth test cases and now supports audio test. These enhancements address the common customer requests received by Agilent since the introduction of the E1852A. 

Full details can be found on the Agilent Press Release.

More details about Agilent products can be found on the Test Equipment, Developer Tools pages.
More details about RTX Telecom products can be found on the Access Points, Routers and Infrastructure, Consultancy, Design Solutions, Development KitsHeadsets, IP for Silicon, Mobile Phones, Protocol Stack , Test Equipment, USB Dongles pages.

Bluetooth public access in the UK - coming soon ?
The UK spectrum regulator, the Radiocommunications Agency, is seeking views on opening up the currently  licence exempt bands, including the 2.4 GHz ISM band, for the provision of unregulated public telecoms, such as public access Bluetooth.   In the UK, Netario have been wanting to deploy such a network in the Manchester area and no doubt will be making sure their voice is heard.  Others, who have paid vast some for spectrum may not be so keen on the idea.   And, of course, the proposed approach is technology neutral, which would mean that WiFi (802.11) public access could also be deployed in the same physical location, with no protection for either technology against mutual interference.

Let the UK regulator know what you think on this important can find the consultation document on their website

N79:Red-M shows complete wirelessware solution integrating 802.11 and Bluetooth networks
Red-M today announced that it is showcasing Genos wirelessware technology at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from December 10. The company will demonstrate a mixed, secure, 802.11 WLAN and Bluetooth network controlled by Genos, and accessed by a number of data and voice-enabled edge devices such as: laptops, cordless telephony profile (CTP) mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDA’s).

For more details see the press release.

For specific details on the Red-M Genos software see the Applications Software page.
For details on Red-M's various other solutions see the Access Points, Routers and InfrastructurePDA Accessories and Security Software pages.

N78:Adamya Technologies and Tensilica Announce Sub $5 Bluetooth Functionality

Adamya Technologies and Tensilica Inc. jointly announce the availability of the C-Blue(TM) Bluetooth application solution package for Tensilica's Xtensa(TM) configurable microprocessor architecture. This solution enables designers to incorporate Bluetooth functionality into their end systems and systems-on-chip (SOCs). 

The Bluetooth 1.1 compliant software baseband and stack was developed through the combination of hardware to accelerate the baseband and protocol functions created in the Tensilica Instruction Extension (``TIE'') language, and an optimized implementation of the Adamya's Bluetooth software that utilizes the special hardware.

For more details see the press release.

Details on Adamya Technologies can be found on the Protocol Stack, Software Developers pages.
Details about Tensilica Inc. will be added shortly to The Wireless Directory.

N77: IAR Systems and XEMICS close a deal on development systems for Bluetooth products

IAR Systems in Sweden and XEMICS in Switzerland today announced that a deal has been closed around development and production of Bluetooth Starter Kits for the XEMICS semiconductors for the Bluetooth wireless technology. The products will be developed and manufactured by IAR Systems in Jönköping, Sweden, and marketed and sold by the XEMICS world-wide sales organization.

For details see the XEMICS and IAR press release, click here.

For more details on XEMICS solutions go the Semiconductors - Baseband & Controllers page.
For more details on IAR Systems solutions go the Applications Software, Consultancy, Development Kits, Developer ToolsTest Houses pages.

N76:TDK launches Bluetooth PC card

TDK has launched a Bluetooth card for use with laptops and notebook computers. The accessory will allow users to gain wireless access to email and internet access via compatible devices. The card uses a built-in antenna to transmit and receive data via short-range radio waves.

Users will need compatible hardware to make use of the £109 accessory.

The card also allows dial-up networking, electronic fax transmission and instant synchronisation between PCs, mobiles and compatible PDAs.

Details of TDK's other products can be found on the PC Cards, PDA Accessories, USB Dongles pages.

N75:Aptilo Networks launch complete product family for Local Mobile Networks
Aptilo Networks is now launching a complete product family for local mobile networks, with Internet access and local network services in public locations. In addition to Aptilo's first commercial product, the Aptilo Mobile Access Server, which has been upgraded with new functionality, the offering has now been expanded to include a Payment Server and an Access Point Controller.

Using Aptilo's solutions the user can set up and operate local mobile networks for access to the Internet or to offer local services in the network. The system functions using both of the license-free radio technologies, WLAN (802.11b) and Bluetooth.

The various components of the product family are designed to function in combination, but can also be used individually. An installation that uses all of the components was recently completed at Copenhagen Airport, where passengers can now gain simple and value-for-money wireless Internet access.

The service is purchased on-site by making a single payment, for example, for time-limited Internet access or for other local value-added services in the network. Network owners can also offer free services and send messages and other information to a specific user through the system's positioning function.

Details about Aptilo's solution and services will be added shortly to The Wireless Directory.

N74:Centurion opens West Coast Design Center
Centurion’s West Coast Design Center (WCDC) recently opened in Scotts Valley, California. WCDC's main focus is to efficiently design, develop and prototype embedded and small form factor antennas for wirelessly enabled devices. The new Center should help shorten  antenna design cycles and get antennas into production quicker. 

“The West Coast Design Center will serve our current global customers in the wireless data, cellular, in-building wireless and telematics markets,” says Donald Naab, COO for Centurion.  “Centurion has implemented state of the art technology for modeling, testing and prototyping at the West Coast Design Center that will ultimately help our customers speed their products to market.  With development times compressing significantly and so many of our current customers located on the West Coast, we felt it was critical for Centurion to have a strong presence. 

“I am very excited to be a part of the Centurion team,” says Patrick McKivergan, Director of Engineering, West Coast Design Center.  “A new influx of ideas from the design team combined with Centurion’s global antenna expertise will better enable Centurion to support our customers.”

The team at WCDC includes highly skilled RF engineers with 2 PhDs and 6 Masters.  WCDC is equipped with an anechoic chamber, antenna test equipment, full prototyping capability and a full suite of RF modeling software to aptly serve customers quickly.

For more details see Centurion's press release.
For more details on Centurion's solutions see the Antennas, Design Solutions pages.

N73:Mobile phones, PDAs and headsets will be the early Bluetooth drivers

The ARC Group have released a report looking at how they predict the Bluetooth market to develop of the next few years. It is thought that Bluetooth mobile handsets will grow from 1.4m devices this year to 16.2m in 2002, and will reach almost 100m in 2003. Globally, the Bluetooth handset market is set to really take-off from 2003, when volume production of chips and the introduction of 3G networks combine to boost the Bluetooth handset market.

By 2006, the ARC Group estimates that 779.7m handsets sold will be Bluetooth enabled, which represents 71% of devices sold in that year.

For further details see the press release.
Details about the ARC Group can be found on the Market Reports & Studies page.
Details of the original report can be found on the ARC Group website.

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