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News Archive - April 2002

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Monday April 29, 2002

4: Zeevo Announces Windows and Windows-CE Bluetooth Software From WIDCOMM   
9:17AM EST   (PR Newswire)
Zeevo, Inc., a provider of fully integrated System-on-a-Chip (SoC) solutions for wireless communications standards today announced it has expanded it's Bluetooth software product offerings for Windows and Windows-CE environments. BTW for Windows (98SE, ME, 2000 and XP) and BTW-CE for Windows CE are communication software for Bluetooth and are licensed from WIDCOMM, expanding the two companies existing partnership. WIDCOMM's new products for the Bluetooth short-range wireless standard will enhance Zeevo's TC2000 SoC solutions for PC and PDA products.
  Details of Zeevo's products can be found on the Development Kits, Semiconductor Single Chip Solutions pages.  
Tuesday April 23, 2002

173: Businesses prepare to cut cables ~ UK companies signal intention to roll out Bluetooth and GPRS technologies
Provided by Bluetoothweb Members

Over half of companies are planning to implement a wireless strategy this year to cope with growing demand for more flexible working hours.

A survey, conducted by IT services company, CMG, reveals that 54% of businesses intend to introduce new wireless initiatives this year to enhance communication with mobile workers and help them to work more efficiently. Delegates at a recent industry event stated that 27% of their workforce are currently either mobile or remote workers.

According to the poll, the favored wireless standards are Bluetooth and General Packet Radio Systems (GPRS), which enable cable-free access to email, business applications and the Internet. Most companies surveyed already have the correct mobile communications devices in place and simply require the relevant connectivity platform to be deployed. In 91% of cases, employees maintain contact with the office via a mobile phone, laptop, or both.

For further details see the press release.
Monday April 22, 2002

172: RTX Telecom opens sales representation office in Seoul, South Korea
Provided by Bluetoothweb Members

As part of RTX Telecom’s strategy to continue expansion of its sales activities and to be in closer contact with important customers and market areas, RTX Telecom has signed an agreement with the Korean company Imega regarding the representation of RTX Telecom in Korea.

Imega is a startup company that focuses on wireless communication products and technologies. The business vision for Imega is to act as the intermediate party in technology transfer projects involving both Korean companies and other enterprises in the international market.

For details see the press release.
  Details of RTX Telecom's Bluetooth products can be found on the Access Points, Routers and Infrastructure, Consultancy, Design Solutions, Development KitsHeadsets, IP for Silicon, Mobile Phones, Protocol Stack ,Software Developers, Test Equipment, USB Dongles pages.  
Thursday April 18, 2002

171: Microsoft Reveals World’s First Commercially Available Bluetooth Desktop Solution 
Provided by Bluetoothweb Members
At the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) 2002, Microsoft Corp., will unveil the world’s first commercially available Bluetooth-enabled wireless mouse and keyboard solution. Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates will demonstrate the devices during his keynote address, which is scheduled for 9:30 a.m.

The Microsoft product suite is expected to be available later this year and will include a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard, mouse and transceiver, as well as support for the Windows XP operating system. This desktop solution will highlight the benefits of the Windows-based PC platform, making the latest technology innovations accessible and easy to use.

See their press release.
  Details of Microsoft's Bluetooth products can be found on the Applications Software, PDA Accessories, Protocol Stack pages.  

170: Impulsesoft's Bluetooth iBTStack integrated into Hi-Fi  
11:57AM EST   (PR Newswire)
Impulsesoft Private Limited, a short-range wireless solutions provider, today announced that its embedded Bluetooth protocol stack -- iBTStack -- has been integrated into the Hi-Fi audio headset developed by Openbrain, a Bluetooth company in Korea. Under this licensing agreement, Impulsesoft will deliver iBTStack ported to multiple RTOS for OPENBRAIN to develop a series of Bluetooth products. 

With Openbrain's Bluetooth Hi-Fi audio headset, users can listen to music wirelessly. Music will be streamed to the headset via a Bluetooth mobile phone from a remote server connected to an existing CDMA network. Openbrain has tied up with a major Korean service provider and demonstrated the application using a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.
  Details of Impulsesoft's Bluetooth products can be found on the Applications Software, Developer Tools, Development Kits, Industrial Applications, Protocol Stack, Serial Port Adapters pages.  
Wednesday April 17, 2002

169: CETECOM organises a Bluetooth Testing & Qualification Seminar
Provided by Bluetoothweb Members
CETECOM Spain is celebrating its recent BQTF (Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility) accreditation and would like to take this opportunity to invite you to a Seminar for Bluetooth Testing and Qualification.

The seminar will take place on June 6th-7th and on June 20th-21st 2002.

These are some of the topics you can learn about:

    Latest news in the Bluetooth Qualification Program and how this will affect to your current projects
    Practical experience on real qualification testing: time and cost evaluation. Critical test cases.
    How to handle world-wide Bluetooth approvals (type approval requirements) and practical experience for a PDA with Bluetooth…and much more!!

Please note the deadline for confirmation to attend is the 30th of April.
See their press release.
  Details of CETECOM's Bluetooth products can be found on the ATest Equipment, Test Houses pages.  

168: DSSI'S DSIT Subsidiary Announces Bluetooth Technology Pilot Project
1:56PM EST   (PR Newswire)
  DSIT Technologies Ltd., a subsidiary of Data Systems & Software Inc., announced today that it has completed a pilot project using state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology and has received an order for a second project utilizing this technology from two of its business partners. 

The value of these projects is approximately $0.5 million dollars. One of the projects was the development of a wireless Bluetooth module for a digital pen, called Vpen from OTM Technologies Ltd. The finished product was presented by Motorola and Microsoft at Cebit 2002. The success of the initial pilot development project paves the way for future production projects to be undertaken with the same and other business partners


167: Kanebo Licenses Bluetooth Reference Design from Impulsesoft   
1:42PM EST   (PR Newswire)
Impulsesoft Private Limited a leading short-range wireless solutions provider have announced that it has licensed its Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter reference design as well as its embedded Bluetooth protocol stack iBTStack to Kanebo Ltd., a consumer products major in Japan. 

This licensing agreement enables Kanebo to leverage its manufacturing capabilities for offering complete cable replacement solutions to the industrial and medical segments in the Japanese market. Impulsesoft's Bluetooth serial port adapter, iSPA is an out-of-the box solution, which helps add Bluetooth wireless capability to any serial-port device. iSPA is Bluetooth V1.1 certified and is built around Impulsesoft's iBTStack. It includes a serial gateway application and all necessary software and hardware components. iSPA is an ideal solution for addressing the wireless requirements of medical equipment and patient monitoring systems, surveillance cameras, POS terminals and industrial sensors. It is available both as a packaged end product as well as an OEM module which can be added to customers' existing product designs.

  Details of Impulsesoft's Bluetooth products can be found on the Applications Software, Developer Tools, Development Kits, Industrial Applications, Protocol Stack, Serial Port Adapters pages.  

166: Impulsesoft's ISPA1000 Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter
12:59PM EST   (PR Newswire)
Impulsesoft Private Limited, a wireless solutions provider, today released iSPA1000 Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter, at the Bluetooth Expo2002.
  Details of Impulsesoft's Bluetooth products can be found on the Applications Software, Developer Tools, Development Kits, Industrial Applications, Protocol Stack, Serial Port Adapters pages.  
Monday April 15, 2002

165: Motorola and Siemens Form Relationship
3:35AM EST   (PR Newswire)
Siemens Information and Communication Mobile and Motorola, Inc. have announced a collaboration on the development of Siemens mainstream UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) terminals using Motorola's i.300 Innovative Convergence(TM) 3G platform, a comprehensive silicon-to-software, integrated UMTS solution.

The first device that Siemens intends to bring to market in 2002 will be based on the Motorola's A820, which meets a full array of enterprise communication and entertainment needs in one handheld, compact device. This terminal, which is based on technology from which the i.300 platform is being developed, combines high-speed voice, data and video capabilities such as MMS (Multi-media Messaging Service), Multi-call, camera, MP3 player, downloadable ring tones, games and Bluetooth wireless technology.

  Details of Siemen's Bluetooth products can be found on the Access Points, Routers and Infrastructure page.
Details of Motorola's Bluetooth products can be found on the Mobile Phones, PC Cards, USB Dongles pages.
Monday April 08, 2002

164: IAR Systems releases a new version of its Embedded Bluetooth protocol stack
Provided by Bluetoothweb Members
IAR Systems have announced that a new version of its Bluetooth Protocol Stack has been released. The new v1.10 release includes support for additional Bluetooth profiles and provides product developers with a highly compact stack for embedded use.

The new version of the IAR Embedded Bluetooth Protocol stack has support added for the Generic Object Exchange Profile (GOEP/OBEX), File transfer profile (FTP) and LAN Access profile (LAP), thereby improving connectivity to remote devices using file transfer and network access facilities.  
See press release for further details.
  Details of IAR's Bluetooth products can be found on the Applications Software, Consultancy, Development Kits, Developer Tools, Protocol StackTest Houses pages.  

163: Compaq iPAQ PC Bluetooth Compatibility Grows   
12:57PM EST   (PR Newswire)
Bluetooth Compatibility Grows In support of industry-wide efforts to ensure interoperability among Bluetooth devices, Compaq continues to extend the list of Bluetooth devices that are compatible with the iPAQ Pocket PC. Recent additions to this matrix include: -- 
Mobile Phones -- Ericsson T68, GSM/GPRS -- Nokia 6310, GSM/GPRS -- Motorola Timeport 270c, CDMA
Printing Solutions -- HP 995c Deskjet Printer -- Windconnect Bluetooth Print Adapter -- Bluetooth Print Adapter from Epson - C1200BT
Access Points -- Red-M 1050 AP -- PicoBlue Internet Access Point -- The 3Com Wireless Bluetooth PC Card 

A complete list of Bluetooth devices compatible with the iPAQ Pocket PC can be found at .
  Details of Compaq's Bluetooth products can be found on the Modules, PCs, Laptops & Notebooks, PDA Accessories pages.  
Friday April 05, 2002

162: Merger of the IP Licensing Business of DSP Group and Parthus Technologies   12:13AM EST   (PR Newswire)
DSP Group, Inc. and Parthus Technologies plc jointly announce that they have agreed to combine Parthus with the DSP IP licensing business of DSPG in a merger of equals. The Merger, which has been unanimously approved by the boards of directors of both companies, creates a combined company which the parties believe will have clear leadership in the market for Digital Signal Processing ("DSP") cores and platform-level IP -- the core technologies for all digital communication and multimedia devices. 

The new combined company will be called ParthusCeva, Inc. Under the terms of the Merger, immediately following the transaction, shareholders of DSPG and Parthus will own approximately 50.1% and 49.9% of ParthusCeva, respectively. Parthus shareholders will also receive, as part of a court approved repayment of capital, a cash payment of approximately US$60 million (approximately euro 68 million or GBP42 million). The boards of Parthus and DSPG expect the Merger to be completed by the end of Q3 2002.

  Details of Parthus's Bluetooth products can be found on the IP for Silicon page.  
Tuesday April 02, 2002

N161: AnalogicTech Announces New PowerLinear Product Family   
8:58AM EST   (PR Newswire)
  AnalogicTech a developer of innovative power management solutions, announced today its first revolutionary new family of power management ICs. This broad, five-device PowerLinear family, offering the lowest power and lowest noise LDO linear regulators on the market, promises to dramatically extend the battery life of next-generation portable, communications and computer systems. "Emerging cellular, Bluetooth and portable consumer platforms need a variety of LDOs capable of driving down supply current and minimizing noise," says Jan Nilsson, senior director of marketing and sales. "With our new PowerLinear family we're offering designers of next generation portable and wireless systems a broad choice of solutions."  


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