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Bluetooth Innovative

Arguably most Bluetooth products are innovative !
However of this page we aim to put products that are so innovative they just don't fit anywhere else.
If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

Company Website

Anoto was founded in 1999 to license advanced pen and paper technology, and similar services, to a wide variety of electronics manufacturers, for example paper producers and network operators. It aims to help drive the convergence of paper-based and wireless digital communications, through incorporating Bluetooth wireless technology. With this its aim is to make paper once again the preferred user interface.

At present Anoto's only Bluetooth product concept is it's Anoto Pen. It allows the user to send anything written on paper or another surface to any computer in the world. The pen acts as a wireless communication gateway to digital destinations such as personal computers, databases, the Internet and e-commerce.

Bluelinx Inc.
Company Website

We didn't know quite where to put this company, who are licensing Bluetooth technology to cellphone manufacturers and carriers to control mobile phone ringtone settings to create what they call a Q-zone,  a quiet zone, within conference rooms, movie theaters, churches, restaurants, and other public spaces.  Definitely an innovative product !
Will it take off ...? I guess only when all mobile phones are Bluetooth enabled.

BlueLogic Technologies Inc. 
Company Website
Bluelogic Technologies, Inc is a  venture company with a specific focus on the use Bluetooth, short range wirwless data/audio communication technology.

Bluetooth Keyboard features: Bluetooth Module:Class2, Host CPU : 1Chip Micro CPU or Bluetooth CPU, Bluetooth Protocol Stack "Blue-M", HCI UART Driver, HCI USB Driver, HCI, L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP, HID Profile. Suitable for use with Desktop PC, Web TV, Web PAD, Mobile Device (PDA,Handset etc.), Industrial PC.

Citizen Watch Co., Ltd
Company Website

Watch Pad 1.5, the world smallest Linux machine on your wrist. It is a information device of the wristwatch form which has Bluetooth function. The use purpose of the product is the examination of every system in the research stage that a wearable information device will be used. It is the joint development product of IBM and CITIZEN. - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

Commutek Electronics, Inc.
Company Website

Commutek Electronics, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of quartz crystal devices. Our products are noted for their outstanding performance in wireless applications.

Surface mount device can be utilized in many bluetooth products. This product is very small, which makes it a perfect fit for mobile consumer electronics.

Company Website
nReach is focused on creating wireless applications and hardware for use in location aware environments. The company uses a number of wireless technologies with it's products including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with mobile devices such as the Pocket PC, Game Boy, Web Tablets, and In-wall touch screen.

Bluetooth Game Boy Adapter  will allow a user to interact wirelessly with a retailer (i.e. Blockbuster) allowing them to receive messages, download trial games, and play against other players within a 10-100 meter area. The Bluetooth Adapter for the Game Boy Advance will be available in Q2 of 2002.

Roving Networks
Company Website

Blue-X device controller
Using any Bluetooth capable client with a browser, or any Internet connected web browser, you can now control up to 256 X10 powerhouse devices. Control home lighting, appliances, garage doors, gates, even security systems and alarms all from your PDA, home computer, or any computer on the Internet. Click here to view an overview of how Blue-X works (PDF) 

Senseboard Technologies AB
Company Website
The company is developing technology for a virtual keyboard which can can be used with a PDA's, Smart Phones or other wearable computers.

The Senseboard virtual keyboard is a small device that wraps around the hands and is connected to the mobile device via Bluetooth connection. This product has received the winner of best new technology at Comdex 2001. 
Picture Animation

Stollmann E+V GmbH
Company Website
Stollmann develops Bluetooth and ISDN protocol stacks and OEM products. Headquartered in Hamburg/Germany. Stollmann and its 30 developers and engineers have developed more than 150 products over the past seven years. Its modular and flexible software architecture supports various PC systems, embedded hardware, and operating system platforms.

BlueTA+ is a Wireless ISDN Internet Terminal Adapter for Bluetooth.


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