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Bluetooth Protocol Stack

Suppliers of Bluetooth protocol stack software.
If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

Unfortunately protocol stack software abounds in acronyms !   Some of the more common abbreviations relating to the Bluetooth protocol stack used on this page are listed below.  You may also find our Glossary Page of use:

HCI                   Host Controller Interface
Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol 
LM or LMP      Link Manager (Protocol)

OBEX                Generalised
Multi-Transport) Object Exchange Protocol 
OS                     Operating System
RFCOMM        Serial Port Emulation
RTOS                Real Time Operating System
SCO                  Synchronous Connection Oriented 
Service Discovery Protocol     
                   Telephony Control protocol  Specification

A Free Bluetooth protocol stack can be found via:

Company Website

AVE-Blue, embedded Bluetooth protocol stack for information appliances enables quick and easy addition of Bluetooth functionality to any PDA or car navigation system equipped with a browser.

Company Website

Adamya is a technology integrator, focusing on DSP, Networking & Communications and Platform Technology areas, with specialization in providing compact and performance solutions.

C-Blue -  Adamya's Embedded Bluetooth Protocol Stack conforms to v. 1.1 
Its architecture incorporates parallel Finite State Machines, a thin kernel abstraction layer and real-time techniques used. It can allow porting of C-Blue onto various processors and platforms.

C-BlueBase, is Adamya's Embedded Bluetooth Baseband Solution, it essentially replaces the need for a hardware baseband controller module.

Allosys Corporation  
Company Website
Established in 1997, AlloSys focuses on providing design services and development support for companies involved with high frequency and wireless products. Allosys has experience in Bluetooth particularly in the areas of Bluetooth system development and Bluetooth Protocols.  Allosys also has Test Automation, Modeling and Analysis software development tools available.

Atinav Inc.
Company Website
Atinav presents a suite of universal Internet Communications software branded avenue. The ensuing technologies aveComm, aveAccess, aveLink and aveConnect provide simple-to-use and easy-to-deploy solutions that connect people, environments and devices.

aveLink Bluetooth Protocol stack is a standard implementation of the Bluetooth stack specification v1.1. All the standard profiles are also implemented and it can be used for ANSI C, Java, Windows 9x and Windows CE. It allows legacy applications to work over Bluetooth. Porting to any system is accomplished using Atinav's OS Abstraction Layer, without changing the core stack.

Details of the 3 versions are explained below:
aveLink Bluetooth ANSI C Stack and SDK is an implementation of the Bluetooth Protocol Stack 1.1 spec in ANSI C. The solution is mainly targeted for embedded devices. This solution is targeted towards OEMs and ODMs who are interested in high performance Bluetooth applications for embedded systems.
aveLink Bluetooth Protocol stack for Win CE is an implementation of the Bluetooth Protocol Stack 1.1 spec for Pocket PC environment. This solution is targeted towards OEMs and ODMs who are interested in Bluetooth Support for their PDA, Phone, or any device that supports Win CE Operating System. The stack and SDK is available for the Microsoft Windows CE, Pocket 2000 and Pocket PC 2002 platforms.
aveLink Bluetooth JSR -82 Stack in Java for J2ME is an implementation of the Bluetooth Protocol Stack 1.1 spec confirming to JSR 82 Standard. This solution is targeted towards OEMs and ODMs who are interested in Bluetooth Support for their PDA, Phone, or any device that supports J2ME and CLDC with MIDP profile.

Atmark Techno, Inc. 
Company Website ( in Japanese)

At-BT (AT-SWP-BTPS010) is a Bluetooth protocol stack software. It runs on Linux (OS) operating system and all source codes are complied with ANSI-C - Further details currently unavailable - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

At-BT-EVA (AT-SYS-BTEVA010) is an evaluation kit for "At-BT (Bluetooth protocol stack software)" - Further details currently unavailable. - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

BlueLogic Technologies Inc.
Company Website
Bluelogic Technologies, Inc is a  venture company with a specific focus on the use Bluetooth, short range wirwless data/audio communication technology.

Bluelogic Bluetooth Host Stack, Blue-M suitable for Windows 98/2000, Win CE, OS9.

Cambridge Consultants Ltd. 
Company Website

This company focuses upon design and development using leading technologies. It offers design and development innovative products, processes and systems. As a part of this Cambridge Consultants also offer technology-based consulting for companies, particularly in the areas of DECT and Bluetooth. 

Cambridge Consultants do not offer any specific Bluetooth solutions or products, instead they have a products business known as Mezoe. Details of Mezoe's products can be found on The Wireless Directory's Developer Tools and Protocol Stack pages.

BlueStack is a Protocol stack with L2CAP, SDP, GAP and SPP. - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

Cambridge Silicon Radio, CSR
Company website
CSR designs and manufactures single-chip radio devices and reference designs using them, initially focussed on Bluetooth, where the company has a high market share of design-ins. CSR's solutions are based on commodity low cost CMOS technology.  See also their design solutions and single chip semiconductors.

BlueCore01 FW firmware 
A software component implementing BB, LM, L2CAP, SDP, RFCOMM, GAP, HCI and SPP for use in conjunction with CSR BlueCore01 BC01b integrated circuit.  Implements the Headset Profile for CSR's BlueCore01b single-chip solution for Bluetooth implementation integrating a radio, baseband controller and Microcontroller

Canon Information Technologies Philippines, Inc. 
Company Website

Bluetooth Protocol Stack core with HCI, L2CAP, SDP, SPP, GAP, RFCOMM, L2CAP  and SDAP. 

CC&C Technologies Inc.
Company Website
CC&C Tech. focus on developing the best wireless communication products and technologies and have been since it's creation in September 1997.

CC&C Bluetooth Protocol Stack  core with HCI, L2CAP, SDP, SPP, GAP, RFCOMM and SDAP. Click here to download a PDF file on the product.

DCM Technologies                    
Company Website
DCM provides design services in the areas of ASIC & FPGA, communication software and Web applications. 

BlueTACK is DCM's  implementation of the Bluetooth protocol stack. It is designed for use in both embedded and non-embedded applications. It uses modular and portable software architecture.  It is also BQB qualified. 

DCM also offer expertise services in Bluetooth, concerning software porting and integration, device driver development, code optimization, system integration and testing, interoperability support.

Company Website

Founded in 1986, and now a subsidiary of Motorola, this is an R&D company that specializes in Bluetooth wireless technology. It offers a wide range of products to the OEM market.

Digianswer Bluetooth v.1.1 Embedded Protocol Stack - further details unavailable. - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

Digianswer Bluetooth PC Stack - further details unavailable. - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

Digianswer Bluetooth Embedded Software Stack including L2CAP, SDP and RFComm - further details unavailable. - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

Company Website
ELSA is a provider of products for Internet access and PC graphics as well as services. 
See their Bluetooth Brochure (PDF).

Vianect blue Stack is a Bluetooth Software Stack - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

Company Website
The inventor of Bluetooth and one of the early core members of SIG. 

Bluetooth Host Stack provides a generic software stack that includes HCI Driver, L2CAP, RFCOMM and SDP - to be integrated in a host environment. The Host Stack communicates downwards towards a Bluetooth Module and lets the user focus on the application level and system aspects of the Bluetooth solution, reducing product development time.  The Ericsson Bluetooth Host Stack is a pre-qualified product and can be regarded as a ‘component’. 

The roadmap for the Ericsson Bluetooth Host Stack covers additional protocol layers, support for additional Bluetooth profiles, software test tools as well as multi-point and scatternet functionality. 

Bluetooth HOST Stack is a generic software stack that includes HCI Driver, L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP and OBEX. - send us further details.

Bluetooth HOST Stack is a generic software stack that includes HCI Driver, L2CAP, RFCOMM, and SDP. - send us further details.

Bluetooth HOST Stack is a Generic software stack that includes HCI Driver, L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP, OBEX and TCS. - send us further details.

Extended Systems 
Company website
Founded in 1984, with a mission to "be the leader in providing Mobile Information Management solutions to enterprise customers.". Within this framework they provide embedded and Windows protocols and applications for Bluetooth

XTNDAccess Blue SDK - Embedded Bluetooth Protocol Stack 
The XTNDAccess Blue SDK is delivered as a well-documented, portable source code solution that engineers will find is an easy to use product providing complete control over their Bluetooth software implementation.

XTNDAccess Blue SDK v1.3, is a portable software development kit. It provides source code for a complete Bluetooth Host protocol stack, including L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP, TCS Binary, RFCOMM, OBEX, and other components such as a Management Entity.

XTNDAccess Blue SDK 1.2.1 is a portable software development kit. It provides source code for a complete Bluetooth Host protocol stack, including L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP, TCS Binary, RFCOMM, OBEX, and other components such as a Management Entity.

Download information (pdf)

Grape Systems Inc.
Company Website

Bluetooth Protocol Stack GR-Blue is Bluetooth protocol stack for the embedded systems. This product is independent from platform and offers ANSI-C source code without royalty.

G&W Instruments GmbH
Company website 
G&W Instruments offers R&D and consulting services for embedded and PC based systems. Our main expertise include Bluetooth Hardware and Software as well as digital signal processing.

Bluetooth Host Stack PSS1. The PSS1 pre-qualified bluetooth host stack implements the core protocols L2CAP, SDP and RF-COMM. It is designed to be highly portable, fast and to use only a minimum amount of memory. It works with all major bluetooth chip sets and uses either USB or UART H4 HCI transport. Implementations for embedded systems and for Windows operating systems are readily available.

Hitachi Engineering Co, Ltd.
Company Website (Japanese with a little English)

HEC's Bluetooth Host Stack - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

IAR Systems
Company Website
IAR Systems is a supplier of development tools for embedded systems and Bluetooth development and testing. The company offer embedded Bluetooth Protocol Stacks, Bluetooth test & qualification tools, Bluetooth Starter Kits, C/EC++ compilers and UML tools.

Our embedded Bluetooth Protocol Stack is one of the most compact stacks in the world. The stack can be used in almost all PC and embedded systems, including many 8-bit microcontrollers! The stack works well with many operating systems and also with microcontroller systems without an O/S. The stack is qualified according to the Bluetooth specification v1.1.

IBEX Technologies   
Company Website
The company was founded in May 1999 to provide embedded software solutions for Bluetooth.

Viking Host Protocol Stack  Upper layers of the Protocol Stack - TCS, SDP, RFCOMM, L2CAP, HCI Drivers (UART, RS232, USB)

Profile support  - Mandatory Profiles, General Access (GAP), Serial Port (SPP), LAN Access,  TCS-Bin,  General Object Exchange Profile (OBEX),  In-Vehicle Profile

OS support - Windows 9x, Windows NT, Linux, Unix

RTOS support - VxWorks, pSOS+,  Windows CE, eCos, ThreadX, RTXC DSP, C EXECUTIVE, Nucleus, Pegasus, Embedded Linux(BlueCat,Lynux OS),  Embedded Royal Linux, The MOOSE, Imsys Embedded RTOS(JVM)

Platform support   - ARM, StrongARM, NetSilicon, TI 6x, PowerPc, NEC, Motorola DSP, Hitachi, CJIP, Link up L7205, MIPS

Baseband Controller Protocols  - Baseband, Link Manager and Host Controller Interface (HCI)

Software reference designs are available 
Wireless v90 modem, USB Dongle for LINUX, Access Point, HeadsetEvaluation Copies and Reference Designs may be downloaded from the IBEX website

Support available for the Cambridge Silicon Radio and the Ericsson baseband modules.
Full source code licensing option available.

Company Website
IBM concentrate on the creation, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics.

Bluetooth Stack for Palm is a Bluetooth protocol stack on the Palm OS platform that enables programmers to easily develop Bluetooth applications for the Palm OS. It features a simple application programming interface (API), is optimized for embedded systems that lack multi-task/multi-thread capability. However it can also be easily customized for different embedded application environments, such as cellular phones, information appliances, handheld computers, digital cameras, and so on.  
BlueDrekar is a protocol driver for Bluetooth specifications allowing Bluetooth wireless devices from phones to household appliances to reliably communicate with each other. 

Company website

Impulsesoft is a short-range wireless solutions provider working with electronic equipment manufacturers, OEMs and silicon vendors to enable them to bring application specific short-range wireless solutions quickly to the market. 

The iBTStack is a portable implementation of the Bluetooth protocol software stack, specifically targeted at embedded platforms. Its a low memory footprint implementation for a variety of RTOS and processor platforms.

BluePC Bluetooth Protocol stack for Windows, offers PC OEMs and peripherals manufacturers a complete out-of-box Bluetooth solution for PCMCIA card, USB and UART dongles and for integration of Bluetooth onto the PC motherboard.

BlueCE Bluetooth Software for the Microsoft Pocket PC is a Bluetooth stack driver solution for the PocketPC platform that helps end users seamlessly transition from a "connected experience" to a "wireless experience". Targeted at OEMs and ODMs designing in Bluetooth onto their PDA or Phone, as a USB adapter or CompactFlash card form-factor, to suit a host of Bluetooth transport interfaces. Based on Microsoft's CE driver architecture, and is readily available for the Microsoft Windows CE, PocketPC 2000 and PocketPC 2002 platforms. It features: Microsoft CE driver based solution, Bluetooth Version 1.1 compliant, Support for Headset, DUN, LAP and FAX profiles.

Company Website
Intel is well known for it's computer processors however as the PC market has been developing and incorporting further technologies it has recognised it's need to get involved in Bluetooth, and is now a key member of Bluetooth SIG. 

Intel has also created a daughter company known as Xircom which particularly focuses on wireless technologies and Bluetooth. Xircom's products can be found on the Bluetooth PC Cards and Flash Cards Page, the PDA Accessories Page, and the USB Adapters and Dongles Page.

Intel Bluetooth Protocol Stack  is used for integration of Bluetooth into operating systems' frameworks. It has an operational range of 10 meters at 0dbm and operates in the unlicensed 2.4GHz ISM frequency band. A single connection supports a maximum asymmetric data transfer rate of 721kbps or a maximum of three voice channels.

The Intel implementation of the Bluetooth protocol stack was described in an article in the Intel Technology Journal
Pdf version.

IVT Corporation
Company website
IVT Corporation is a private limited company organized under the laws of Canada with its affiliate in Peoples' Republic of China, providing a full range of Bluetooth software, including protocol stack, profiles, protocol analyzer, and interoperability and conformance testers.

IVT Bluelet Protocol Stack
The IVT Bluetooth Protocol Stack is a full implementation of the Bluetooth host protocol stack V1.1 in ANSI C. It contains all protocols in the Bluetooth host protocol stack including TCS, SDP, RFCOMM, L2CAP and HCI. The code is very reliable, efficient and compact. It is ideal for both embedded applications and desktop applications. By using the formal design technique from Specification Description Language (SDL), IVT validated protocols to assure that all protocols were correct before writing C code.
* BQB Qualified
* Based on validated SDL model 
* Library based ANSI C source Code, easy to port to different OS's
* Support for different OSs (Windows 98, Windows 2000, windows ME, Windows CE, Linux, Nucleus, REX, µC/OS-II, µ-Itron, MQX, VxWorks,  pSOS+, Palm)
* Support many different Bluetooth chipsets (Alcatel, Atmel, Broadcom, Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ericsson, Infineon, Mitel, National Semiconductor, Philips, Silicon Wave, TI, Zeevo)
* Support different HCI transport drivers (USB, UART, PCMCIA)

Download information (pdf)

Company Website
IWingz is a developer and supplier of intelligent internet solutions, providing solutions for EC, KM, and CRM. 

IWingz Bluetooth Code Blue Protocol Stack including L2CAP, SDP, SPP, GAP and SDAP.

KC Technology
Company Website

KC Technology focuses on providing interoperable wireless connectivity by delivering Bluetooth solutions for mobile, home, and business applications. 

µStack Bluetooth Protocol Stack is a software suite with a minimal footprint that provides the essential services that complete the Bluetooth protocol stack. It provides the layers above HCI with complete transport drivers. It is portable enough for hosted or embedded applications. It can also be combined with KC's Bluetooth Controller and Module.

Korea Wireless Network
Company Website
Korea Wireless Network does research, development, and commercialization of Bluetooth system total solution.

KorwinStack Bluetooth Protocol Stack including L2CAP, SDP, SPP and GAP. It also includes: Complete object Code for the Protocol Stack HCI, L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP. Bluetooth Profiles : GAP, SPP; USB and serial drivers, Consult, training and documents, API support : Application APIs, H/W APIs, DataBase APIs, OS Independent APIs, Interoperability Assurance.

Korwin Stack 1.1
Protocol stack software
Most Test cases Passed in Stack and Profiles: supports all mandatory test cases and most optional ones 
Multiple Operation System Support: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows CE, Linux, PSOS, Nucleus, VxWorks
Support for CSR and Ericsson bluetooth chips and modules
Complete Product Offering

- Complete object Code for the Protocol Stack: HCI, L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP
- Bluetooth Profiles: GAP, SPP, In development => SDAP, OBEX, DUN, FTP, LAN Access, HeadSet
- USB and serial drivers
- Consulting, training and documents
- API support : Application APIs, H/W APIs, DataBase APIs, OS Independent APIs
- Interoperability Assurance

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Company Website (Japanese)

Bluetooth Host Stack for MN102H is Panasonic's Bluetooth Software Stack for own its Microprocessor (MN102H) is a software solution for adding Bluetooth wireless technology to embedded systems. - further details unavailable, e-mail if you can help us.

Bluetooth Host Stack for Windows provides wireless technology to Windows operating system in desktop and notebook PCs and it enables to add Bluetooth solution on any PCs. - further details unavailable, e-mail if you can help us.

BTM Protocol Stack makes it possible for various equipment to have wireless communication by integrating with Bluetooth module. - further details unavailable, e-mail if you can help us. 

Company Website

The MEZOE product range provides rapid, low-risk and cost-effective route to Bluetooth market entry. MEZOE's flagship product, Interface Express, takes away the complexities of Bluetooth communications and enables you to bring your products to market with ease. MEZOE is a division of Cambridge Consultants Limited.

Bluestack Complete Protocol Stack provides  higher layer protocol software. Just as Interface Express does at the profile level, BlueStack offers a modular, extensible, scalable architecture at the protocol level. Written in ANSI C for maximum portability, BlueStack has been ported to many CPU architectures and OS environments.

Fully qualified protocol stack, including both upper and lower layers for baseband vendors. The BlueStack design is interoperable, configurable, portable and flexible using object orientated techniques and has a comprehensive support package. Bluetooth protocol stack with L2CAP, SDP, RFCOMM, TCS, HCI, HCI-USB, HCI-UART, GAP, CTP, Intercom Profile, SPP.

Company Website
The company have developed many PC software solutions to date many of which have almost become de facto in the PC industry. Most notable of these is the Windows operating system.

Bluetooth Stack for Windows CE implemented as a component that can be included in a Windows CE software platform. The stack exposes a set of APIs for ISVs to write Bluetooth applications. The core component implements the L2CAP, SDP, and RFCOMM protocols. The lower edge of the stack uses HCI to communicate with a HCI transport driver.

Mindtree Consulting
Company Website
Mindtree specializes in offering product realization services to integrate Bluetooth wireless technology into product designs cost effectively.   

Upper Layer Stack & Profiles
EtherMind is MindTree’s implementation of the Bluetooth software protocol. Modular and compact it has been designed to support various applications including LAN access point, printers, handheld, mobile phones, residential gateways, etc. The optimized stack can easily be ported onto different platforms by using the OS Abstraction module.  

Features - ANSI C source code, Exhaustive and rich API set, supports different OS and processors, intelligent and easily configurable Security Manager, device manager for Piconet and Scatternet support, optimized code size and memory usage, remote management facility for embedded devices
Platforms supported - ECos, uITRON, VxWorks, Linux, Windows
Hardware supported - Ericsson, Silicon Wave, CSR, Alps Electric chipsets, ARM/MIPS/SH/x86/proprietary processors
Profiles supported -  GAP, SDAP, LAP, Fax, DUNP, Cordless Telephony, Headset, Intercom, FTP, SPP, Synchronization, Object Push and Generic Object Exchange, PAN, Printer, Still Imaging, UDI

EtherMind, MindTree’s implementation of Bluetooth protocol stack,  is also available to OEMs under various flexible license models.

Company Website

As a pan-European distributor of Bluetooth technology products, Nohau has offices in the UK, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Products offered include Bluetooth protocol analyzers and test generators from CATC, Bluetooth protocol stack and profiles from Adamya and Bluetooth connectivity products for industrial applications from connectBlue. Nohau also runs regular seminars and training courses on all aspects of Bluetooth wireless technology.

Company Website

Nokia Bluetooth Host Stack includes BT protocol stack L2CAP, SDP, GAP, SPP. 

Ogenek Teoranta
Company Website

Handy BlueStack is a protocol stack including L2CAP and GAP. - e-mail us with further details.

Open Interface           
Company website
Open Interface North America was founded in Seattle, Washington, in 2000, with the goal of bringing the Japan-based parent company's Bluetooth development efforts to a worldwide market.  Open Interface is developing Bluetooth wireless technology for the world PC market. 

BlueMagic 2.0 
Open Interface's Bluetooth protocol stack, Version 1.1 is currently qualified in 10 profiles with additional profiles on the way.  

Protocol layers supported - HCI, L2CAP, SDP, RFCOMM
Options include IrMC, OBEX, NDIS driver, VCOMM driver, Configuration Utility
Platforms supported include Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/CE, uITON, VxWorks, Linux
Compliance Specifications - Version 1.0B and Version 1.1
Profiles supported include (already BQB)- 
* Object Push
* Fax
* Synchronization 
* File Transfer
* Service Discovery
* LAN Access
* Serial Port
* Dial-up Networking
* Generic Access
* Generic Object Exchange

Future profiles include - SCO, Printing Profile, PAN Profile, Headset Profile, Car, Various Cable Replacement functions

In addition to core Bluetooth protocol stacks, Open Interface also provides Object Exchange (OBEX) and Infrared for Mobile Communications (IrMC) modules, to enable Object Push Profile to facilitate wireless file exchange and date synchronization.

OSE Systems (formerly Enea OSE Systems)
Company website
Based in Sweden & California, OSE specialises in Real Time Operating Systems and development tools for distributed and fault tolerant systems
The OSE Systems Bluetooth HOST Stack contains the upper layers of the Bluetooth protocol stack (HCI-Driver, L2CAP, SDP, and RFCOMM).
Download details (pdf) 

Company website
The company who invented the Palm Pilot need no introduction - pioneers of the PDA and personal information management.

Bluetooth stack add-on for Palm OS 4.0

Rappore Technologies            
Company Website
Rappore focuses on cross-platform, heterogeneous wirefree networking, providing a bridge between wireless technologies (such as Bluetooth) and connecting these with the existing wired technologies, at the same time providing a wired-level of security.  

Bluetooth Host Protocol Stack
  - Upper layers of the protocol stack - HCI, L2CAP, SDP, RFCOMM, TCS, OBEX, Security Manager, SCO connections and a Layer Manager.  

Profile & applications support - Generic Access, Serial Port, Service Discovery, Object Push, File Transfer, General Object Exchange, FAX, LAN Access, Synchronization, Cordless Telephony, Intercom Headset, Dial-up networking, A Hardware Abstraction Layer, Host Control Interface Transport drivers for USB and UART

OS support - Windows, Embedded Linux, Windows CE
RTOS support - various 
Enhanced security software is provided as part of the stack.

Download Brochure (pdf)

The stack is supported by a rich and easy-to-use Software Developers Kit  
Download Brochure (pdf) 

"My Wirefree Network" is an application interface product that allows a user to access Bluetooth devices and services via the common Windows  interface.

RTX Telecom
Company website
RTX Telecom is one of the world's leading independent suppliers of Total Product Development Solutions, focusing exclusively on advanced wireless communication standards such as DECT, Bluetooth and CDMA.  RTX Telecom is a highly focused company, solely dedicated to the development and design of advanced wireless communication products for the telecommunications, manufacturing and medical industries. 

RTX Telecom has developed a complete and flexible Bluetooth platform. It consists of a Baseband Core, Host Controller Firmware and Protocol Stack. This Bluetooth platform enables the design of a number of ICs, modules and turnkey products. RTX Telecom offers the Bluetooth platform or the complete platform to licensees. 

Silicon & Software Systems (S3) 
Company Website

Silicon & Software Systems is a provider of Electronic Design Services. Established in 1986, the company has knowledge in the areas of IC, Software and Hardware Design experience in house. 
In the Bluetooth arena, S3 has already delivered solutions in respect of RFCMOS, Baseband IC (ASSP), LM & LC Protocol Stack and SoC developments. The company also has experience in a number of relating technologies to Bluetooth including: GSM, GPRS, EDGE, W-CDMA, 802.11x, DECT, USB, and VoIP.

Silicon Wave
Company website
Based in San Diego, Silicon Wave designs and produces RF communication system components including baseband, radio modem and software solutions for Bluetooth wireless communications. 

Odyssey Software: Lower Layers of the Protocol Stack - Baseband, Link Manager and Host Controller Interface (HCI)
The Odyssey Software consists of the follow components:
Link Manager: The Link Manager module implements the Link Manager protocol as specified by the Bluetooth Specification version 1.1. It also provides processing of HCI commands/events.
Baseband: While the Odyssey Link Controller provides slot level baseband functionality, the software module provides frame level and multi-slot functionality. It also performs scheduling and QOS functions.
HCI: The HCI module provides routing of various HCI commands/events and data and voice packets. It provides an API for various transports and higher layer protocol stacks to interface with the Odyssey Software.
The Odyssey protocol stack interfaces with Silicon Wave's SiW1602 Link Controller IC or Baseband SIP & SiW1502 Radio Modem IC.

Odyssey software is licensed as C-source and requires 12 Kbytes RAM, 128 Kbytes ROM, and presents less than 5 MIPS load on the host. The Odyssey Software can be ported to a wide range of micro-controllers and associated RTOS such as Win CE, Embedded Linux, VxWorks, Palm, Micro-Itron, and other leading OS's.
Product Summary

Stollmann E+V GmbH
Company Website
Stollmann develops Bluetooth and ISDN protocol stacks and OEM products. Headquartered in Hamburg/Germany. Stollmann and its 30 developers and engineers have developed more than 150 products over the past seven years. Its modular and flexible software architecture supports various PC systems, embedded hardware, and operating system platforms.

BlueCode+ is the Bluetooth Upper Layer protocol stack from Stollmann. It is a portable Bluetooth upper layer stack with platform independent BlueFace+ API. For embedded devices, SoC development and PC based products.

Stonestreet One
Company Website
Stonestreet One designs, develops, and integrates embedded systems and wireless data applications. The company offers developer tools, engineering services, and custom designed Bluetooth hardware components.

Bluetooth Protocol Stack eases application development by providing software architecture encapsulating the Bluetooth Protocols that exist above the Host Controller Interface (HCI) layer. 

Stonestreet One also offers a Software Development Toolkit and Design Services.

Tality Corporation (formerly Symbionics and a subsidiary of Cadence Design Systems)
Company Website

Tality is a leader in Bluetooth system, chip, and intellectual property design, having undertaken the design of Ericsson's Development Kit and having undertaken over 25 Bluetooth system and chip designs.

Tality has developed and utilizes their Bluetooth protocol stack  for custom Bluetooth system and chip design and also licenses the protocol stack to those who wish to undertake design themselves. 

The software has been designed specifically for application across a broad range of low-cost embedded devices. The major features of the protocol software include
* Full compliance with the current Bluetooth specification.
* Full support for all currently-defined profiles.
* Upper and lower stack available together or separately
* Easily partitioned across multiple processors.
* Modular architecture that enables portability across a broad range of processors, real-time operating systems (RTOS), Bluetooth chipsets and host-controller interface (HCI) transports.
* Comprehensive testability features that enable full regression testing, including in the target system.
* Deliverables include full "C" source code, SDL, test tools and scripts, documentation and training.
* Track record - licensed by more than 12 customers (as at August 2001).

Teleca Comtec AB 
Company Website
Teleca, established 1974, is a supplier of hardware and software engineering services for advanced systems, electronic equipment and applications. 

Bluetooth HOST Stack 3.20 is licensing and sublicensing the "Ericsson Bluetooth Host Stack". This package of intellectual property provides a generic software stack that includes HCI Driver, L2CAP, RFCOMM, SCO, SDP and the Profiles GAP, SDAP and SPP - to be integrated in a host environment.

Tokyo Denshi Sekei K.K.
Company Website
Tokyo Denshi Sekei K.K. is a research and development oriented company which connect the latest technology around color image management and networking with the use of Bluetooth.

UBQ-Blue Bluetooth Protocol Stack includes the Bluetooth protocol stack for embedded systems.As well as C source code, sample applications, test programs and manual. Profiles including L2CAP, SDP, HCI, RFCOMM, GAP, SDAP, and SPP

UBQ-Blue Protocol Analyzer is used for monitoring and analysis of communication between devices from the initial phase through the final phase of Bluetooth device development is possible. Because it is possible to analyze not only the protocol level but also the profile level, it it easy to isolate whether the problem is at the protocol or profile level. Testing for interconnection with Bluetooth devices of other companies, UBQ-Blue Protocol Analyzer enables you to perform sufficient preliminary tests in advance.

TROY Wireless
Company Website

Founded in 1991, TROY Wireless is a division of the TROY Group Inc. offering a range of hardware and software technologies and solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of short-range wireless connectivity. TROY Wireless manufactures both end-user Bluetooth products as well as custom OEM Bluetooth modules and software.

Embedded Protocol Stack

This product offers a complete stack for embedded applications. v1.0B

Protocol layers supported are Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol (L2CAP), RFCOMM, Service Discovery Protocol (SDP), Multi-Transport Object Exchange Protocol (OBEX), Telephony Control Protocol (TCS) and IrMC (Level 4 Server)

In addition to the above, a manager software module is included for configuration and for monitoring the operations of the stack.  TROY XCD’s printing software is available as an option to enable printing capabilities on the embedded device.

The Bluetooth protocol stack includes a generalized operating system interface that can be easily modified to support virtually any real time operating system.  Written entirely in ANSI C, the Bluetooth stack code is designed to be very modular.  Only the desired functionality needs to be enabled, and unused modules can be eliminated at compile time.  Less than 50Kbytes of code is required for the basic stack.

Download TROY's White Paper on the Bluetooth protocol stack (pdf)

Company website
TTPCom has experience with providing Intellectual Property (IP) and are able to provide a complete technology transfer package form Bluetooth, including training, support and turn-key design services. All their products are warranted to the Bluetooth 1.1 specification.

TTPCom offers Bluetooth technology for licence as separate components or a complete solution. There are three products, which offer a full implementation of the Bluetooth v1.0 specification:
BQ1.1 Baseband controller core for license, this is written in VHDL, and Link Controller, Link Manager and Host Controller Interface software in ANSI C code. It is supplied with reference synthesis scripts and test benches. (Baseband link controller and protocol stack up to Host Computer Interface [HCI])

BQ1.1 Bluetooth Host Protocol Stack for license, which comprises of ANSI C code software complete with demonstration applications. It provides packet segmentation and re-assembly along with multiplexed serial links and SDP enabling discovery. (Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol [L2CAP], RFCOMM, and Service Directory Protocol [SDP])
* Application layer (data application headset application, and control)

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A supplier of internet processors and networking software, Ubicom works to create “end-to-end” solutions. The company distribute through Insight Memec.

Bluetooth Protocol Stack ipBlue supports all layers as defined of the Bluetooth specification 1.1.
IP202 Bluetooth Access Point is a complete solution for developing and manufacturing an 802.3 Ethernet to Bluetooth Access Point and is provided to bring a solution to the market quickly. Teh acces point is based on the Ubicom IP2022 Internet Processor and an Ericsson ROK 101 007 Bluetooth Module.

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Bluetooth Protocol Stack  
Ultima Communication has developed the upper layers of the Bluetooth protocol. The product is developed using a PC-based development environment which simulates an embedded operating system.
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Through a cross licensing agreement with Silicon Wave, Inc. (see the News page), Ultima Communication also offers a combined Bluetooth stack including the lower layers (LMP, ASIC control...) of the protocols as well as the upper layers (RFCOMM, L2CAP...)

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Founded in 1998 in San Diego, WIDCOMM is a leading provider of Bluetooth software, systems and turnkey designs. WIDCOMM software enables wireless communication technology in the fields of automotive, computing, consumer electronics, semiconductor and telecommunications.  

BTE Embedded Protocol Stack 
BTE is a complete software offering to develop embedded products. It includes the Bluetooth upper and lower stacks and is the market’s most complete Bluetooth profile offering. BTE is licensed by more than 10 semiconductor companies, including partners like TI, Philips, CSR, Cypress, OKI and implemented in a wide range of products by companies like Sony, W-Link, Brother, Tenovis and more.

For more info please see BTE Data Sheet   and   BTE Test Tool Data Sheet

BTW Software for Windows
BTW is a complete software solution for integrating Bluetooth wireless technology into Windows® operating systems. BTW is designed to operate on desktop and notebook computers and supports chipsets compliant with Bluetooth wireless technology. It contains the necessary protocols and driver software to enable PC OEMs to bring wireless solutions to market quickly and efficiently. WIDCOMM licenses BTW for all Windows operating systems, from 98 SE to XP.

BTW-CE Software for Windows CE
BTW-CE is a complete software solution for adding Bluetooth wireless technology to Windows CE operating system platforms. BTW-CE allows PC OEMs and electronics manufacturers to quickly and easily add Bluetooth capabilities to any mobile device using the Windows CE and Pocket PC operating system. BTW-CE is fully compliant with the Bluetooth 1.1 core protocol specification.

Wipro Technologies
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Wipro is a global IT and design services powerhouse with revenues of over $400 million and employing more than 9000 engineers. Wipro has a rich set of hardware and software IPs that is complimented by its design services expertise. In all, Wipro has strength of over 1700 qualified engineers working in the area of embedded software and VLSI design.

Bluewave software protocol stack  
Wipro's Bluetooth Stack is qualified for Version 1.1 compliance and interoperability. The stack is a footprint-lean implementation that is ported and tested on multiple industry leading RTOS environments and host processors, as well as third party Bluetooth controllers. Wipro’s Bluetooth Stack is available with thirteen Ver. 1.1 qualified profiles and two newly defined Hands free Profile and HCRP Profile. Wipro is only the second company in the world to get all 13 profiles BQB Ver 1.1 qualified.

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Zucotto Wireless develops Java technology-based native processors (JNPs), software and development tools for the handheld wireless device industry. 

XJB 100 Bluetooth Host Protocol Stack  
Bluetooth stack is portable to any computing platform running a Java virtual machine (JVM), such as Win32 and embedded devices like mobile phones and PDAs. System integrators, OEMs, and application developers can use the XJB 100 to reduce development time for integrating Bluetooth capability into devices and applications enabled by Java technology.



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