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Bluetooth Applications Software

Suppliers of Bluetooth applications software.
If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

Adjungo Networks (formerly Commagine)       
Company Website
Adjungo Networks. develops and markets platform solutions integrating standard cellular "native" networks (current and future like GSM, GPRS, 3G) with "non native" wireless networks (like IEEE 802.11x Wireless LAN and Bluetooth networks).

The company develops a set of solutions that enables interconnection of these non-native networks in public / private covered areas (hot spots) into the native networks in such a way that service provisioning, quality of service, authentication, encryption and billing are well controlled and integrated with the high-standards of the carrier's native network.  Products include a set of standard reliable hardware with proprietary software for centralized service management and provisioning.

Local and nationwide carriers or nationwide content providers can offer a very-high-speed and content-rich services to selected condensed areas (hot spots) as part of their nationwide footprint coverage, to all the carrier's subscribers without any additional change in their service plan, end-unit configuration or additional billing arrangements.

Atmel Corporation
Company Website
Founded in 1984, the company focuses on design, manufacturing and marketing of advanced semiconductors, including advanced logic, nonvolatile memory, mixed signal and RF integrated circuits.  In support of their ICs they supply the following Development Kits.

BlueRunner: An application that runs on Windows 98 or 2000 - can setup and monitor a piconet by commanding a local Bluetooth device with HCI commands over a UART or a PCMCIA interface. It also integrates several other utility and demo functionality such as Flash programming, chat and half and full-duplex file transfer.

Bluesoft Inc.                    
Company Website

Founded in 1999, Bluesoft provides distance measuring and location finding technology to support a range of innovative applications with Bluetooth products.  
The technology provides:
* Measurement of short-range distances between two objects, using Bluetooth devices
* Full compliance with Bluetooth standards
* Range of up to 100m
* Accuracy of at least +/-0.5m
* Close to 100% reliability
* Co-existence with adjacent devices and operation in a densely populated environment
* Compliance with international regulations
* Provisions for future enhancements

Potential applications include:
* Mobile payment
* Simple connection to nearby devices
* Equipment loss and theft prevention
* Data security
* Child monitoring in crowded public places
* Targeted advertising and consumer privacy perimeter
* Access control
* Indoor Navigation applications
* Retailing applications
* Business monitoring and security
* Game Playing
* Network quality of service

Company Website
BSquare offers development tools, a qualified Bluetooth stack and assistance in the design and development of Bluetooth products.

WinDK Extension for Bluetooth enables companies to integrate any Bluetooth hardware on a Windows system.

Clarinox Pty Ltd
Company Website
Clarinox provides embedded systems solutions, including both digital hardware design and software development, with expertise covering many processors and real-time operating systems. The company's particular expertise is with wireless technology. Clarinox is currently developing Bluetooth applications for niche markets and, a Bluetooth Protocol Stack.

Application Software
Clarinox can assist organizations in embedding Bluetooth wireless technology into their products making Bluetooth wireless networking of electronic devices and appliances a reality. Whatever the Bluetooth application: - from medical devices, remote device networks, home automation systems, location services to data loggers with wireless capability. 

Classwave Wireless Inc
Company Website
Founded in 1998, Classwave Wireless Inc. is a Canadian developer of application server software for wireless networking.

Classwave's main product is its Polyphony Server software which enables transactional applications, hosted by enterprises and application service providers, to exchange digital information with mobile devices such as cellular phones and PDAs. Polyphony Servers will also make it possible for the next generation of Bluetooth smartphones to exchange digital information with other Bluetooth wireless devices, also enabling mobile routing.

Company Website

Pocket PC phonizer is a PDA application software that enables voice call on a PDA that has Bluetooth PCMCIA or CF card. The Pocket PC phonizer sends call control and voice signals to a nearby Bluetooth access point that supports Bluetooth cordless telephony profile, and the access point performs conversion between Bluetooth signals and PSTN or VoIP signals. 

Company Website
Colligo provides collaboration solutions to enable mobile workers to communicate and share information in the office or on the road over corporate and wireless networks.

Colligo Personal Edition (PalmOS & Windows) extends the shared network environment by creating a Portable Collaborative Network (PCN) which allows the user to connect with colleagues' portables without servers or managed infrastructure.

Colligo Workgroup Edition, an incremental upgrade to the Personal Edition, is targeted at enterprises with teams that require advanced data exchange and enhanced security. 

Company website
Commtag is a Cambridge-based (UK) company specialising in enabling-technology for peer-to-peer wireless applications and services. Commtag was founded in June 2000 and is funded by Amadeus Capital Partners and private investors.

Duality - always-on e-mail.  Software functionality for handling e-mail on the PDA via Bluetooth/GPRS to the home server.  The twist on this is that the actions taken on the PDA (eg read, delete, etc) are mimicked on the home server, meaning that when you return to the office all the mail you dealt with on the move is fully dealt with, and doesn’t need filing etc.  

Company Website

Founded in 1986, and now a subsidiary of Motorola , this is an R&D company that specializes in Bluetooth wireless technology. It offers a wide range of products to the OEM market.

Bluetooth Software Suite - a complete solution for the Microsoft Windows operating systems. It offers a large number of Bluetooth applications in one software suite to facilitate ease-of-use.

Company Website
The inventor of Bluetooth and one of the early core members of SIG. 

Bluetooth WAP Server  
Bluetooth WAP Server is a software component that leverages the combination of WAP and Bluetooth, enabling easy creation of WAP content and applications that can reside on any type of host environment - since WAP elements are standardized, the application developer will achieve a common look and feel for WAP applications on different devices.

Bluetooth WAP Server is suitable for hosting any type of WAP application such as device information and control, for example, for door control, TV/VCR, washing machines, consumer electronics or industrial automation. Dynamically updated information can be displayed via a dynamic content interface.

The Bluetooth WAP server includes a WAP server manager. The WAP server communicates downwards towards a Bluetooth protocol stack and lets the licensee focus on the application development by simple means of creating WML decks and cards, thereby shortening time to market.

Extended Systems 
Company website
Founded in 1984, with a mission to "be the leader in providing Mobile Information Management solutions to enterprise customers.". Within this framework they provide embedded and Windows protocols and applications for Bluetooth

XTNDConnect Blue SDK for Windows 
Acomplete software development kit for implementing Bluetooth in Windows-based devices. The kit includes the lower level Windows protocols as well as applications for Object Push, File Transfer and Synchronization profiles.  It is targeted at Windows 98/2000 device manufacturers. It will include APIs for additional applications, an install SDK, and an HCI SDK including sample code for USB and PCMCIA drivers.

XTNDConnect PC
XTNDConnect PC, which runs over a Bluetooth or IrDA link, enables file synchronization between a PC and a Palm, Windows CE (PocketPC), or a Casio Pocket Viewer device.

XTNDConnect Blue SDK for Windows CE is a software development kit that enables mobile device manufacturers to incorporate Bluetooth functionality into their Windows CE and Pocket PC based products.

IAR Systems
Company Website
IAR Systems is a supplier of development tools for embedded systems and Bluetooth development and testing. The company offer embedded Bluetooth Protocol Stacks, Bluetooth test & qualification tools, Bluetooth Starter Kits, C/EC++ compilers and UML tools.

USB Drivers for Bluetooth Modules
Operates with Windows 98, 2000, NT NT4 and NT Embedded to interface a Bluetooth module via USB.  
The Bluetooth module can be connected to a computer via either a serial port or via a USB port. To use the USB interface requires a compatible Bluetooth USB device driver for the Windows® operating system. 
Specifically targetted to the Ericsson Microelectronics Bluetooth module.

Company website

Impulsesoft is a short-range wireless solutions provider working with electronic equipment manufacturers, OEMs and silicon vendors to enable them to bring application specific short-range wireless solutions quickly to the market. 

Impulsesoft's BluePC is a high-performance, versatile Bluetooth stack driver solution specifically for the PC targeted at OEMs and ODMs designing-in Bluetooth onto their PCs. BluePC solutions are supported on Windows 98, 2000 & ME 

Variants include
Targeted at USB Dongles, it supports USB 1.1 compliant interface to the baseband 
Targeted at UART Dongles.
Supports PCMCIA, CardBus and Compact Flash interface targeted at PC and Compact Flash Cards.
Targeted at mini-PCI interface for extending laptop motherboards to support Bluetooth.

Company Website

Intel is well known for its computer processors.  As the PC market has been developing and incorporating further technologies it has recognised its need to get involved in wireless and was a founder member of the Bluetooth SIG. 

Intel Personal Wireless Software is Service Discovery Protocol (SDP) for use with the Microsoft Windows 98, 2nd ed. or Windows 2000 environments.

Initium Co Ltd
Company Website
Initium focuses specifically Bluetooth wireless technology and applying them to short-range wireless network systems.

BlueWIN-RA8 & RA24 provides Handoff/Roaming support as well as administrates the data flows of all LAPs. It provides a centralized Access Server, which is not feasible with decentralized Access Points with integrated Access Server functions. Network managers can easily deploy and effectively manage a highly scalable network of Bluetooth LAN Access Points. Features include: seamless Handoff and Roaming, user list management, logging and usage metering with integrated billing system, s BlueWIN-RA Brochure. (PDF)

Company website
Inventop is a pioneer in the emerging Bluetooth networking space whose core business is to provide wireless applications and technologies that naturally and spontaneously connect people, information and services using PDA devices.

ProximityMail - ProximityMail turns a Bluetooth-enabled PDA into a powerful community messaging device.

BluePing Network - The BluePing Network is powerfully simple network technology that extends Bluetooth’s effective range to create a network communications platform with virtually unlimited range

IVT Corporation
Company website
IVT Corporation is a private limited company organized under the laws of Canada with its affiliate in Peoples' Republic of China, providing a full range of Bluetooth software, including protocol stack, profiles, protocol analyzer, and interoperability and conformance testers.

IVT offer a full range of Bluetooth Profile Reference Designs:
* Serial Port Profile
* LAN Access Profile
* Dial-up Networking Profile
* Cordless Phone Profile & Intercom Profile
* OBEX File Transfer Profile
* OBEX Synchronization Profile
* OBEX Object Push Profile
* Service Discovery Application Profile
* Fax Profile

IXI Mobile Inc. 
Company Website
Founded in August 2000, the privately held company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California with a research and development center near Tel Aviv, Israel.  

IXI provides end-to-end mobile communications software solutions based around what they call a Personal Mobile Gateway, PMG.  Their range of software offerings allow Bluetooth devices to operate as a personal area network and comprises three elements:

IXI-Connect is the core software that runs on the PMG. It provides a seamless bridge between the PAN and the cellular network, extending SMS, voice, and the IP network to all devices in the PAN by establishing the PMG as a pocket-size micro-router/micro-server

IXI-Sleek  is an efficient client software solution that runs on mobile devices, transforming them into thin terminals, clients of the PMG, parts of the PAN that communicates with the PMG

IXI-Manage  is a server-based software solution that allows wireless operators or service providers to remotely access the PMG manage the PAN, monitor device and application usage, and acquire corresponding statistics.

  Development tools including reference designs and SDKs for PMG and Sleek devices are also available.

Lesswire AG
Company Website  

Lesswire AG provides systems for location awareness and and wireless communication.

LocalNavigator is a modular system comprised of a number of hardware and software components. These include the LocalNavigator platform, the LocalNavigator Bluetooth Base Station, the LocalNavigator IrDA Beacon, and the LocalNavigator PalmtopGuide. Click here to download a zip file on the company and its products. It is suitable for local areas such as trade fairs, museums, hotels, convention centers and shopping malls, train stations and airports. In these places the LocalNavigator provides information services, navigation assistance, and mobile Internet access.

Bluetooth Base Station is a wireless gateway to the Internet that also provides facilities for the locating and tracking of its mobile client devices. It uses a method of filtering information to improve wireless network performance. Features inlcude: 10m range (upgradable to 100m), Bluetooth V1.1, Clients served: 7 active parallel, 255 parked, uses LAN protocol IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet), supported profiles:LAN Access, Power Consumption:< 400 mA, Dimensions:158 x 95 x 33 mm, Weight:250 grams.

LocalNavigator Platform. The LN Core is the engine of the LocalNavigator, generating location events for a predefined area. When a mobile device, such as a PDA or mobile phone, changes location, the LN Core checks if any of the location-based events in which clients have expressed an interest have occurred. If they have, the LN Core sends notifications to the interested client(s). The LN Core provides two general types of service, firstly delivering notifications when a certain location event occurs, e.g ”tell me when Jane enters her office”, or secondly processing a wide range of explicit location queries from the client, e.g. ”where is Jane now?”. See picture of Platform Diagram.

Microsage Wireless Inc.
Company Website
Microsage Wireless Inc. is a software developer whose applications make Bluetooth connection management easy and intuitive. The company bundles its software with the products of hardware OEM's, mobile carriers, protocol stack vendors and provides enterprise products for systems integrators.

SageNet Platform is an intelligent thin-client application that allows users to efficiently and easily make use of services in a Personal Area Network. The GUI is highly intuitive and easy to use yet also features advanced capabilities.

SageNet Mobile Connector is a dial-up networking applet/wizard that can be bundled with a Bluetooth mobile phone and other hardware in order to set up the phone to act as a wireless modem for other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It allows an end user to quickly and easily bond and pair devices. This tool makes data/Internet access available using Dail-Up Networking.

Company Website
The company have developed many PC software solutions to date many of which have almost become de facto in the PC industry. Most notable of these is the Windows operating system.

Windows CE .Net is a software operating system for smart mobile devices. It is Microsoft's first operating software solution to have Bluetooth drivers installed and enabled. Click here for a Flash Tour of CE.Net and XPE features.

There are also a number of resources for CE.Net users:
Windows CE .NET Online Launch Page, Video tutorials & articles specifically targeted at Windows CE.Net, Training Resources & a list of companies who are ready to help train
customers on the latest versions of embedded products, Online Community.

Norwood Systems
Company Website
Norwood Systems is a venture funded, hi-tech start-up, a developer of wireless voice and data communication systems for the enterprise market.

EnterpriseMobility Software Suite offers a simple and affordable way for companies to extend the reach and capability of their existing network infrastructure to make staff more contactable in a mobile and flexible wireless environment. PDF file on EnterpriseMobility.

Penell (An RTX Company)
Company Website

Penell A/S serves manufacturers and others who want to implement communication technology into devices, products and instruments. It is a development and design house specialising in wireless communications with particular focus on Bluetooth applications.

BMTI (Bluetooth Mobile Telephone Interface) is a generic software component solution to handle a GSM/GPRS connection over Bluetooth. Features include: Tested against all available Bluetooth enabled mobile phones on the market, Supports BCSP protocol for accessing CSR BlueStack over an UART, Easy ported to support Bluetooth solutions from Ericsson, National or RTX, Supports both Data/SMS over GSM/GPRS, Generic interface for any target hardware platform, Software API is POSIX (Linux API standard).

Company Website
Pocit Labs is a Scandinavian software development company provide a Bluetooth network solution known as BlueTalk, which is a peer-to-peer network client for handheld devices.

BlueTalk P2P Starter Kit is a development kit for Bluetooth helping you build automatic and secure short range wireless solutions. The Starter Kit contains applications, the P2P networking platform, with the powerful API, and Bluetooth Compact Flash cards. With this functionality it is easy to create automatic peer-2-peer solutions integrating your handheld devices and laptops with each other and with your enterprise systems.

BlueTalk Peer-2-Peer starter kit contains a number of useful and fun applications. These applications are optimized for the handheld devices, and are fully peer-2-peer implementations, utilizing the underlying BlueTalk platform. 

Primate Systems
Company Website
Primate Systems, Incorporated was formed in 1999 to provide multi-network connectivity for mobile messaging. Primate Systems provides messaging software and network services for GSM, CDMA, TDMA, iDEN wireless networks with the use of Bluetooth technology.

The company offer their own software solution suitable for Bluetooth transmission called MonkeyMessenger for the Pocket PC, it allows the device to send and receive messages.

Company Website

Pumatech File Transfer for Bluetooth Wireless Technology can be used to send, receive, and exchange files and electronic Business Cards with other Bluetooth devices, to provide password security and file access protection for your system, and to set notification options.

Company Website
Red-M was founded as an internal start-up of Madge Networks N.V. and is focused on enabling Bluetooth and internet technologies for mobile data, voice and video services in the workplace.

Genos is a architecture and suite of wirelessware products that provide the underlying technology to enable the advanced capabilities of wireless networking to be implemented combined with the ability to manage and maintain security. This software supports both Bluetooth and 802.11.

Silicon & Software Systems (S3) 
Company Website

Silicon & Software Systems is a provider of Electronic Design Services. Established in 1986, the company has knowledge in the areas of IC, Software and Hardware Design experience in house. In the Bluetooth arena, S3 has already delivered solutions in respect of RFCMOS, Baseband IC (ASSP), LM & LC Protocol Stack and SoC developments. The company also has experience in a number of relating technologies to Bluetooth including: GSM, GPRS, EDGE, W-CDMA, 802.11x, DECT, USB, and VoIP.

Wistron Neweb Corp.
Company Website
Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC), is a member of Acer Group's DMS (Design and Manufacturing Service) Division. It is a high-tech manufacturer specializing in the field of advanced wireless communication. 

Bluetooth Connect conforms to Springboard interface on the Visor PDA and runs the Palm OS.

Company Website

This company focuses upon delivering wireless indoor networking solutions that enable wireless devices to communicate with any other, anytime, anywhere which as a result includes the use of Bluetooth technology within it's products.

Bluetooth Communications Software is a complete wireless solution for various devices. At present the company has 3 different versions each for differing user needs: Embedded Systems, Windows, and Windows CE.
BTE - a solution for integrating Bluetooth into any embedded system. BTE enables the user to port any processor and OS onto their platform.
BTW -  a solution for integrating Bluetooth into Windows operating system. It has protocol and driver software to enable PC OEMs to bring wireless devices to the market. 
BTW-CE - a solution for adding Bluetooth to Windows CE operating system platforms. Handheld PC OEMs and electronics manufacturers are able to add Bluetooth wireless technology capabilities to mobile devices as well as other electronics products that utilize the Windows CE operating system.

Wireless Networks       
Company Website
WNI creates wireless solutions to enable people to communicate

BlueBridge offers the capability of aggregating multiple BlueLAN and/or Universal Access Points into one wide area network connection. It can also provide voice connectivity to the PSTN and PBXs.


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