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Wireless Books - more...

Some of the books listed on this page include discussion of Bluetooth, amongst other wireless technologies, but are not exclusive to Bluetooth. 
Books specific just to Bluetooth may be found on the Bluetooth Books Page.

Applications of CDMA in Wireless/Personal Communications 
by Vijay Kumar Garg, et al
Published by:
Prentice Hall 
Date Published: 1996
Publisher's description: A comprehensive guide to CDMA for digital cellular and PCS applications, for engineers and managers involved in developing wireless communications products and systems.

Building Wireless Community Networks 
by Rob Flickenger 
Published by:
O'Reilly and Associates
Date Published: December 2001

Publisher's description: "Building Wireless Community Networks offers a compelling case for building wireless networks on a local level: They are inexpensive, and they can be implemented and managed by the community using them, whether it's a school, a neighborhood, or a small business. This book also provides all the necessary information for planning a network, getting the necessary components, and understanding protocols that you need to design and implement your network."
ISBN 0596002041

Cellular Digital Packet Data 
by Muthuthamby Sreetharan & Rajiv Kumar 
Published by Artech House 
Date Published: 1996
This book provides an overview of alternate technologies supporting wireless data communications and explains the architectural concepts of the CDPD network and its major subsystems.

Data Over Wireless Networks: Bluetooth, WAP, and Wireless LANs
by Gilbert Held
368 pages 
Published by McGraw-Hill Publishing
Date Published: November 2000
Available through FatBrain.
ISBN: 0072126213

Emerging Public Safety Wireless Communication Systems 
by Robert I. Desourdis, David R. Smith, William D. Speights, John R. DiSalvo, Richard J. Dewey 

Approx. 595 pages
Date Published: October 2001
Available through Artech House.
ISBN: 0-89006-575-6

Fundamentals of Telecommunication Networks 
by Tarek N. Saadawi, Mostafa H. Ammar, Ahmed El Hakeem & Ahmed El Hakeem
Date Published 1994

Mobile and Wireless Networks 
by Ulysees D. Black
Published by Prentice Hall 
Date Published 1996
Covering both hardware and software perspectives, this book explains wireless networks in a simple and clear fashion.
Mobile Data and Wireless LAN  Technologies 
by Rifaat A. Dayem
Published by Prentice Hall 
Date Published 1997
This book reviews potential applications, market forecasts, services offered, traffic capacities and bandwidth issues, achievable throughput, spectrum allocation, standards, products, and key players. Includes a primer on wireless networking, mobile data, wireless spectra and international standards.
Mobile Data Communications Systems
by Peter Wong, David Britland 
Published by Artech House 
Date Published 1995

Mobile IP : Design Principles and Practices 
by Charles E. Perkins, et al 
Published by Addison-Wesley
Date Published 1997
An introduction to the design and implementation of Internet protocols used to maintain network connections, when moving from place to place. The book helps developers implement Mobile IP by clearly describing the system impact of mobility and detailing every message and packet format associated with the Mobile IP protocol.

Short-range Wireless Communication  :  Fundamentals of RF System Design and Application
by Alan Bensky
302 pages
Date Published: February 2001
Available through MightyWords.
ISBN: 0717369552

The Essential Guide to Wireless Communications Applications  
by Andy Dornan

The Wireless Data Handbook 
by James F. Derose 
Date Published 1994

Wireless and Mobile Network Architectures  
by Yi-Bing Lin and Imrich Chlamtac

Wireless Information Networks : Architecture, Resource Management, and Mobile Data 
by Jack M. Holtzman (Editor) 
Published by Kluwer
Date Published 1996

Wireless LANs
by Jim Geier

Published by Macmillan Computer Pub
Date Published:   July 2001
An up to date review of the 802.11 WLAN technology from a range of angles provided by an acknowledged industry expert.
ISBN 0672320584

Wireless LAN Standards and Applications
by Asuncion Santamaria and Francisco Lopez-Hernandez

248 pages.
Date Published: January 2001
Available through Artech House.
ISBN: 0-89006-943-3

To download a PDF file showing a sample chapter click here.

Wireless Multimedia Communications : Networking Video, Voice, and Data 
by Ellen Kayata Wesel 
Published by Addison-Wesley
Date Published 1997
A comprehensive guide to the design of wireless multimedia communications systems, covering mobile video, voice, and data communications, it provides an introduction to the problems and solutions of communicating multimedia traffic at high data rates over a radio channel for short distances.

Wireless : The Revolution in Personal Telecommunications 
by Ira Brodsky 
Published by Artech House 
Date Published 1995
A classic, if a little dated by now

WLAN Systems and Wireless IP for Next Generation Communications
by Neeli Prasad and Anand Prasad

Approx. 295 pages.
Date Published: January 2002
Available through Artech House.

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