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Bluetooth White Papers

Many of the companies addressing the Bluetooth space have produced their own educational material on Bluetooth and its capabilities in the areas addressed by their own products.  On this page we provide links to some of these resources.  If you know of other White Papers about Bluetooth that should be included here,   fill in the form below details. Thank you.

AMS Mobile & Wireless
The Impact of Bluetooth (PDF File) - This brief report from AMSCAT provides an overview of the Bluetooth technology, its current status and  its future capabilities and prospects.

Bluetooth Amtel Whitepapers

Bluetooth - White paper on Bluetooth technology from AU-Systems
Using Bluetooth in an Industrial Environment, Reliability and Robustness (PDF - 32K)
Intelligent Industrial Automation Devices using Bluetooth and Internet Technologies (PDF - 24K)
Bluetooth in Industry (
PDF - 183K) 
IEEE 802.11b and Bluetooth in an Industrial Environment (PDF - 26K) 
Industrial Use of Bluetooth (PDF - 735K)
Distributed Wireless Control Using Bluetooth (PDF - 263K) 
Shortening and Simplifying Bluetooth development (PDF - 113K) 
Home Networking - Connecting appliances@home using Bluetooth Technology (PDF - 298K) 

Bluetooth SIG
Security White Paper
Wireless Standards Security Comparisons
SyncML and Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Imaging Applications Development

Code Blue Communications
Bluetooth Medical Article by Bill Saltzstein

Fujitsu-Siemens Computers
Introduction to Bluetooth
Content:   Introduction - Compatibility - Use of the Technology - The Technology - Network Structure - Authentication & Security.

IAR Systems
IAR Embedded Bluetooth Protocol Stack technology
General overview of protocol stacks, what they are, and how to choose the right one.
Bluetooth Starter Kit from IAR Systems
General overview of starter kits, software & hardware aspects.

General overview of Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth Architecture Overview        Pdf version

Overview of their Bluetooth Software Stack    Pdf version

Integrating Bluetooth Technology into Mobile Products    Pdf version

Enabling Always On, Always Connected (AOAC) Computing with Bluetooth Technology   Pdf version

NEC's Approach to Bluetooth

Bluetooth: Opportunities and Threats
Bluetooth Usability

Pico Communications .
Optimisation of Bluetooth for the Headset profile  
Bluetooth Congress Geneva, April 2001.

Overview & Tutorial of Bluetooth Technology provided by Stollmann.

General overview of Bluetooth Technology
The Bluetooth Technology - Toshiba

Xilinx - now part of Intel
Bluetooth and Solutions Paper

An Excellent
Introductory Bluetooth Overview (PowerPoint Slideshow)  
How Does Bluetooth Work

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