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Bluetooth Books

For books on wireless, but not exclusively Bluetooth, please check our Wireless Books Page
Click here for Books on Software Defined Radio


Bluetooth End to End                                                Click for more detail
Bluetooth End to End
                             Download the first chapter for FREE!

by Diane McMichael Gilster
Published by:
Date Published: March 2002
ISBN: 0764548875
Publisher's description: Bluetooth End to End is a comprehensive look at the technology from the standpoint of the IT Professional. The book goes above and beyond a simple re-hashing of the specification to provide practical implementation information on Bluetooth technology application fundamentals, implementation, wireless networking, Bluetooth security considerations, chip technology and the required specifications for Bluetooth device development culled from networking professionals.


WAP, Bluetooth, and 3G Programming: Cracking the Code                                                Click for more detail
WAP, Bluetooth, and 3G Programming: Cracking the Code

by Dreamtech Software Team 
Published by:
Date Published: Nov 2001
ISBN: 0764549057
Publisher's description: In this unique guide, a crack team of software engineers delivers the programming solutions and source code you need to jump start a wide range of mobile advertising, commerce, and audio-video streaming projects. Using flow charts and line-by-line analysis of 15 professional applications, they show you how to solve typical WAP, Bluetooth, and 3G programming challenges.


An IEEE Guide: How to Find what you need in the Bluetooth Spec
by Tom Siep

150 Pages
Published by IEEE Standards Office
Date Published: November 2000
Available through Fat Brain.
ISBN: 0738126357

Bluetooth Profiles: The Definitive Guide
by Gratton, Dean A.

Prentice Hall
592 Pages
Date Published: 31 December 2002

The ultimate guide for Bluetooth Developers. Shows how to use Bluetooth Profile specifications to build interoperable wireless devices. Provides a roadmap for implementation and application construction. Breaks down the profile specifications into easily understandable sections. An invaluable guide for anyone wishing to gain a fuller understanding of Bluetooth Technology and its surrounding profiles.

Bluetooth Applications Developer's Guide
by Dr Jennifer Bray and Brian Senese

556 Pages
Published by Syngress Publishing
Date Published: September 2001
Available through Fat Brain.
ISBN: 1928994423

Bluetooth Applications with Java & J2ME
By Prathap Reddi & A. CSR Prabhu

390 Pages
Published by Prentice Hall India Ltd
Date Published: June 15 2003

This book is the result of combined efforts by an experienced person who is purely a technical nerd, Mr.CSR Prabhu and an enthusiastic young practical oriented techno marketing person, Mr. Prathap Reddi A. This book is reviewed and edit by Mr. Mahesha who was into purely wireless application development. This combination of experienced person technical expertise and the young person knowledge on the current market's demand makes a unique brew.

Bluetooth – Connect without Cables
by  Dr Jennifer Bray and Charles F Sturman 

495 Pages 
December 2000
Publisher Prentice Hall PTR
Date Published: December 2000
Available through Fat Brain.
ISBN: 0130898406

Online extract available on the web here

Bluetooth Demystified
by Nathan J Muller

396 pages
Published by McGraw-Hill Professional
Date Published: September 2000

Available through Amazon as an Adobe Acrobat download (~300k, and not cheap)
or through Fat Brain.
ISBN: 0071363238
ASIN: B00005NJ95

"Bluetooth For Dummies®" 
by Margaret Dilloway (076450875X)

Date Published: To be announced...
Priced: £18.99

Bluetooth Revealed: The Insider's Guide to an Open Specification for Global Wireless Communications
by Brent A. Miller, Chatschik Bisdikian, Anders Edlund
320 pages 
Published by Prentice Hall PTR
Date Published: September 2000
Available through Fat Brain.
ISBN: 0130902942

Discovering Bluetooth
by Mike Miller
288 Pages
Published by Sybex, Incorporated
Date Published: July 2001
Available through Fat Brain.

A sample chapter is available on the web here.

Explaining Bluetooth
Co-writer : MCPC (Mobile Computer Process Consortium)-Japan
Translator : Korea Wireless Network

Exploring BlueTooth : Implications for Wireless Technologies
by Louis Columbus 
Date Published:   October 2000
Providing insights into the market dynamics that are driving the development of BlueTooth and the technological developments by many of the world's leading companies, Exploring BlueTooth: Implications for Wireless Technologies focuses on the implications of this evolving technology. This book also provides a profile of BlueTooth relative to other wireless technologies, including the 802.11b and Home RF standards.
ISBN: 1887275010

The Bluetooth Report 2001
by Ben Thacker

Published by Visiongain
Date Published: April 2001
Available through MightyWords.
ISBN: 0717305244

Technical Briefings: Getting Started With Bluetooth v1.0B
By Robert McDaniel
36 Pages
Published by Mighty Word Inc.
Date Published: June 01
Available through Mighty Words.
ISBN: 0717301184

Wireless Personal Communications: Bluetooth Tutorial and Other Technologies
by William H. Tranter, Theodore S. Rappaport, Brian D. Woerner (Editor), Jeffrey H. Reed (Editor)

273 Pages
Published by Kluwer Academic Publishers
Date Published: December 2000
Available through Fatbrain.
ISBN: 079237214X

For books on wireless, but not exclusively Bluetooth, please visit our Wireless Books Page.

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