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Bluetooth baseband semiconductors, chips components, baseband core, processors & Application IC

Directory of bluetooth semiconductors,  chips, components, baseband core, processors, application ics, radio transceivers and other wireless semiconductors; from companies including philips semiconductor, signia, conexant & ericsson microelectronics.

If you know of other bluetooth semiconductors, chips, components, baseband core, processors, application ics, radio transceivers and other wireless semiconductors from other Bluetooth firms please add the company details. Thank you.

Baseband semiconductors, suitable for use in a full range of Bluetooth-based products.
If you know of others please e-mail us details. Thank you.

Alcatel Microelectronics
Company Website
Alcatel Microelectronics provides integrated hardware/software systems on semiconductor.

Bluetooth Baseband MTC-60180 is a fully integrated Bluetooth baseband, offering a compact and complete solution for short-range wireless connectivity. It is a solution for adding wireless connectivity to a wide range of applications, as it offers full V1.1 Bluetooth functionality, is data and voice oriented, and very flexible and easy-to-integrate.

Atmel Corporation
Company Website
Founded in 1984, the company focuses on design, manufacturing and marketing of advanced semiconductors, including advanced logic, nonvolatile memory, mixed signal and RF integrated circuits.

Single Chip Bluetooth Controller AT76C551 offers the ability of high data exchange rate over short distance wireless communication. It offers 3 different interfaces for integration - USB, 16550 UART and PCMCIA, as well as a voice coding/decoding module. It is suitable for digital communication devices and computer peripherals. For a PDF file of the product details click here
Bluetooth/ISM 2.4 GHz SiGe Front End IC T7024 is a monolithic SiGe transmit/receive front end IC with power amplifier, low-noise amplifier, and T/R switch driver. It is designed specifically for operation in TDMA systems like Bluetooth. For a PDF file of the product details click here

They supply a corresponding RF IC and Development Kits.

Bandspeed Inc.  
Company Website
Bandspeed, Inc., a broadband technology company, delivers transceiver solutions for reliably connecting the broadband edge. Its proprietary signal processing systems for interference mitigation and signal recovery facilitate broadband deployment and performance.

Bandspeed provides Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) technology that enables Bluetooth devices to coexist with wireless LANs. Bandspeed's AFH technology has been adopted by the IEEE 802.15.2-working group as the recommended approach for Bluetooth coexistence with 802.11b wireless LANs.

Bandspeed delivers Multi-Carrier Broadband transceiver solutions for connecting the Broadband Edge. Bandspeed provides a portfolio of transceiver chipsets and software for wired and wireless broadband communications. At present details are not shown on their website to find out further details you may contact them.

BrightCom Technologies
Company Website

BrightCom Technologies designs and sells Bluetooth Application Processors, chip and software platforms that aid the development of Bluetooth products, branded the IntelliBLUE product family.

Bluetooth USB/Serial Application Processor BIC2101 this IC device is targeted to offer a Bluetooth processor solution for USB dongle-type applications. Interfaces include UART (RS-232) and USB with Host and Device operation modes.
Bluetooth LAN Access Point Application Processor BIC2301 enables implementation and deployment of a variety of networking applications which could include Internet access, calendar synchronization, and voice communications etc.
Bluetooth Hi-Fi Audio Application Processor BIC2201 this IC device is targeted to serve as a Bluetooth processor for hi-fi audio wireless distribution. The chip receives and decodes sound distributed over the Bluetooth wireless medium.
BIC2301 is a Bluetooth LAN Access Point Application Processor,  it includes a Bluetooth Baseband core, a 32-bit RISC processor, a programmable RF interface and an integrated Ethernet interface. It's purpose is to enables easy implementation and deployment of a variety of networking applications. It is suited for use in applications including e-mail, Internet access, m-commerce, hubs/switches, and voice services.

These are supported by their Development Kits.

Broadcom Corporation
Company Website
The Broadcom Corporation, founded in 1991 is a provider of integrated silicon solutions that enable broadband communications and networking of voice, video and data services.

Host-Based Bluetooth Baseband BCM2019 is a host-based Bluetooth 1.1 compliant implementation controlled through an 8-bit input/output register port interface. The BCM2019 integrates to the BCM2001 Radio to provide a complete Bluetooth solution. - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

Stand-alone Bluetooth Baseband is a Bluetooth 1.1 compliant baseband processor on one chip. - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

Conexant Systems, Inc.
Company Website

Conexant is focused on providing semiconductor products for communications electronics. The company is already involved in 2.4-GHz digital spread spectrum phones and cellular power amplifiers, Bluetooth technology is suited for the markets Conexant addresses: PC's, cellular phones, set-top boxes, broadband modems, digital cameras, multifunction peripherals, and printers.

CX81400 baseband controller - designed to provide a complete system solution when used with the Conexant CX72303 single chip RF transceiver IC.  Contains 192kB intrenal ROM, 192kB internal RAM and device hardware interfaces. Embedded firmware  comprises the baseband device drivers and the lower protocol stack.  The CX81400 can execute code either from internal or external memory.  CX81400 is a highly integrated, low power baseband system controller Compliant with Bluetooth specification V1.1.

Conexant supply single chip RF ICs.

Company Website

Founded in 1986, and now a subsidiary of Motorola, this is an R&D company that specializes in Bluetooth wireless technology. It offers a wide range of products to the OEM market.

Digianswer Bluetooth Baseband software supporting BB and LM - further details unavailable. - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

DSP Group, Inc. 
Company Website

DSP Group Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company that develops and sells a wide portfolio of highly integrated chips in speech-processing (DSP's), communication (including Bluetooth), radio frequency (RF) based and VoIP solutions for consumer market applications. DSP Group is a global leader in Total Telephony Solutions® for a whole range of Digital Cordless telephony, fully featured corded telephony, Digital Voice Recorders and Music (MP3) Players, Hands-Free Car Bluetooth™ Kits etc. DSP Group's VoicePump provides integrated solutions for VoIP, IP Phones, IP Gateways and IADs.

Integrated Bluetooth Baseband IC with DSP and ARM7
Bluetooth Baseband IC with integrated ARM7 CPU, TeakLite DSP and all the necessary peripheral deivces - Ethernet MACs, USB, UARTs, voice CODECs, Ananlog Front-End etc.

Ericsson Microelectronics
Company Website
Ericsson Microelectronics is a global supplier of microelectronic devices including discrete semiconductors, integrated circuits, and value added sub-assemblies. Their focus is on providing solutions for the whole telecom world.

PBM 990 90 Bluetooth Baseband Controller is a generic baseband controller designed to be suitable for both host and embedded solutions. The baseband controller, together with a radio module and a Flash memory, form a complete Bluetooth system to be used in a variety of applications. It features include variable input clock frequency, two 16C550 UART interfaces, up to 10 bits general purpose IO, I 2 C interface, USB 2.0 Full-speed compliant interface, JTAG Debug & Test interface, capability for embedded solutions,external flexible Flash sizes 2 -16 Mbit, point to multipoint - 7 slaves, power management, PARK, SNIFF & HOLD. See Product Brief and Datasheet.

Ericsson Microelectronics (acquisition by Infineon announced  in June 2002)
Company website

The inventors of Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Baseband Controller is a Point-to-Multipoint Bluetooth Baseband Controller including Link Manager and HCI Firmware. - send us further details.

Company Website

Bluetooth Baseband Controller Evaluation Board provides an environment for Demonstration and Development. - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

Bluetooth Baseband Controller provides all of the digital base band signal processing and protocol hardware to complement the functionality of external Bluetooth RF IC, and audio codec to provide a low-cost fully functional Bluetooth solution. - e-mail us if you can help with further information.

Fujitsu Microelectronics
Company website
Bluetooth Baseband ICs for hands-free cellular phones and other mobile wireless applications. Fujitsu’s MB86C00 and MBG011 baseband ICs -  v1.1 compliant. 
Provide all baseband signal processing and protocol hardware required by Bluetooth radios, and support a variety of external RF ICs including Fujitsu’s MB15H101A RF IC, Conexant’s CX72303 and Silicon Wave’s SiW1502. As an added feature, the MBG011 version integrates a 2-Mbit flash memory in the package, eliminating the need for external flash memory and reducing total board footprint. Also support Fujitsu’s MB86437 audio codec.

The MB86C00 and MBG011 each include an embedded ARM7 TDMI processor with firmware that implements the Bluetooth protocol. A Bluetooth-compliant Synchronous Connection Oriented (SCO) codec incorporated in both ICs supports A-Law, micro-Law and 12-to-16 bit linear CVSD and SCO channel capabilities. For interfacing, the ICs provide pair of popular host controllers – USB version 1.1 for PC applications, along with a 1-Mbits/sec UART for Bluetooth system applications. Also on board are an IEEE 1149.1 JTAG port and a flexible analog frequency synthesizer PLL, which supports reference clock frequencies ranging from 8 MHz to 32 MHz.

MB86C00, MBG011 Baseband ICs 
MB86C00/MBG011 provides the digital base band signal processing and protocol hardware to complement the functionality of an external Bluetooth RF IC.  The MB86C00/MBG011 also includes audio codec.

An embedded ARM7TDMITM processor and embedded firmware implement the Bluetooth protocol, allowing integration into peripheral or standalone applications. Customer applications are supported by two different host interfaces: USBv1.1 and UART.  The chips support a variety of external RF ICs including Fujitsu's MB15H101A RF IC, Conexant’s CX72303 and Silicon Wave's SiW1502. As an added feature, the MBG011 version integrates a 2-Mbit flash memory in the package, eliminating the need for external flash memory and reducing total board footprint. The new ICs also support Fujitsu's MB86437 audio codec.

IC Block Diagram
Download pdf info sheet

GCT Semiconductor Inc
Company Website

GDM1201 is a Bluetooth baseband IC implemented with CMOS technology. Together with the GDM1000 radio transceiver IC and an external flash memory, it provides a fully compliant Bluetooth solution for data and voice communications. The GDM1201 consists of programmable seamless interfaces, such as BlueQ or BlueRF RXMODE2/3, Bluetooth baseband and bit processor, GCT proprietary 32-bit embedded RISC processor, and UART/PCM/USB standard interfaces. The on-chip 32-bit embedded RISC processor is powerful enough to support full rate Bluetooth data communications and includes sufficient embedded SRAM (64Kbytes) to support several applications without external memory, thus allowing cost-effective and low-power consumption systems. For a complete Bluetooth solution, most applications require the GDM1201 baseband controller with the GDM1000 2.4GHz radio transceiver IC, along with an external antenna, crystal and 128KB flash memory. Features include:

 - Compliant with Bluetooth Specification 1.1
 - Programmable seamless Bluetooth RF interfaces such as 6
wires BlueQ orBlueRF RXMODE2/3 uni/bi-directional and
JTAG serial interfaces compatible with GDM1000 radio
transceiver IC
 - Standard UART, USB with host/device combo functions and
13/14bit PCM/CVSD, 8kbps synchronous serial audio
 - Integrated 14bit 8kbps sigma delta analog voice codec
 - Integrated 64MIPS PiCOII-RISC GCT embedded RISC
processor and 64Kbytes on-chip SRAM
 - On-chip implementation of Link Controller, Link Manager,
HCI, L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP and common profiles
 - Provides system power control of radio and microprocessor
 - Software development kit and source code licenses available
 - Supports multiple reference clock frequency:
 - 0.18um RFCMOS technology
 - 100-pin fpBGA (8mm x 8mm) package

GDM1202 is a Bluetooth Baseband IC, it consists of programmable seamless Bluetooth RF interfaces such as BlueQ or BlueRF RXMODE2/3, Bluetooth baseband and bit processor, GCT proprietary 96MIPS hybrid RISC/DSP embedded processor with 48bit resolution, and UART/PCM/USB/DAC standard interfaces. t is a DSP processor with the functionality of both baseband controller providing the Bluetooth functionality for high data rate, short-distance wireless communication in the free 2.4GHz ISM band and digital audio decoder such as MP3 or AC3. Features include:

 - Compliant with Bluetooth Specification 1.1
 - Programmable seamless Bluetooth RF interfaces such as 6
wires BlueQ or BlueRF RXMODE2/3 uni/bi-directional and
JTAG serial interfaces compatible with GDM1000 radio
transceiver IC
 - Standard UART, USB with device/host combo functions,
13/14bit 8KHz PCM/CVSD, and I2S two channels external
audio DAC interfaces
 - Integrated sigma delta analog combo codec with the
functions supporting both 16bit 8kbps voice codec and
16bit programmable 32/44.1/48KHz sampling frequency
dual channel audio DAC
 - Integrated GCT proprietary 96MHz hybrid RISC and DSP
PiCOII embedded processor with 24bit multiplication and
48bit accumulation and 128Kbytes on-chip SRAM, sufficient
to support several digital audio and speech codecs such as
MP3, AC3 or G.723.1
 - On-chip implementation of Link Controller, Link Manager,
HCI, L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP and A/V transport profile for digital
audio streaming applications
 - Software development kit and source code licenses available
for embedded stacks and DSP firmware available for audio
and speech standards
 - Supports multiple reference clock frequency: 12/16/19.2MHz
 - 0.18um CMOS technology

Company Website
Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Hitachi is a large global electronics company. The company manufactures and markets a wide range of products, including computers, semiconductors, consumer products and power and industrial equipment.

H8S/2214F Microcontroller, this 16-Bit Chip is a baseband controller designed for Bluetooth enabled applications and is designed to shorten development period as well as smaller, lower-cost Bluetooth products. This product was created through a license with Silicon Wave.

Hitachi have also announced their intention to use Parthus Technologies Bluetooth IP with their SuperH microprocessor to provide a future Bluetooth solution.

Company website
Based in Germany, Infineon is a global semiconductor supplier, originally Siemens Semiconductors.  Still majority owned by Siemens it now operates autonomously. 

Summary details about their Bluetooth BlueMoon range can be downloaded here.

BlueMoon Single -- PMB8760
Optimised for applications where size is of highest priority it uses 0.25um technology and comes as a small outline LFBGA 81 package measuring 7 mm x 7 mm.  It features integrated ROM-based memory and offers an external Flash-interface for rapid prototyping and pre-production. Bluetooth V1.1 qualified Link Manager and HCI (Host Controller Interface) is supplied with the IC as firmware. Integrates a 920 kBaud UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) for data as well as a dedicated PCM interface for voice.  It can also be used with the Power Amplifier PMB6827 (class 1). Click here for a PDF file on the product.

Bluemoon Universal
Announced at the Bluetooth Congress 2002, this chip represents the migration of Bluemoon to 0.13um technology.   The device has USB, PCM (SSI), UART, CODEC interfaces as well as an ARM7 processor for Linkmanager and upper layer stacks. An API (application programmable interface) allows embedded hostless solutions. The new chip has two different memory variants, with ROM or embedded Flash.  
Volume production is scheduled for 2003.

Baseband IC -- PMB6752 / PMB6754
Baseband part of the BlueMoon I /BllueMoon I+ System solution. Form the complete system solution with the RF IC PMB6615, PMB6625 or PMB6627. It can also be used with the PA PMB6827 in long range solutions. Qualified to Bluetooth Version 1.1.

Integrated System Solution Corp.
Company Website

ISSC Bluetooth Baseband ISSCBT001 is a bluetooth 1.1 compatible baseband controller. It features: Full Bluetooth RF Interface & Lower Link Controller functions, Interfaces to all leading Radio ICs, Full-featured hardware link controller with low-power mode and effective data movement architecture, Hardware support for all Bluetooth 1.1 packet types, Supports up to three SCO links, Flexible and robust voice CODEC algorithms (CVSD, A-law, µ-law), further details of features are available via the link above.

Company Website

Intel is well known for it's computer processors however as the PC market has been developing and incorporting further technologies it has recognised it's need to get involved in Bluetooth, and is now a key member of Bluetooth SIG. 

Intel has also created a daughter company known as Xircom which particularly focuses on wireless technologies and Bluetooth. Xircom's products can be found on the Bluetooth PC Cards and Flash Cards Page, the PDA Accessories Page, and the USB Adapters and Dongles Page.

Intel Flash Data Integrator provides the user with the ability to manage code, data, and files in flash memory in an open architecture, including support for downloaded Java applets, Bluetooth file transfers, and voice recognition tags.  

KC Technology
Company Website

KC Technology focuses on providing interoperable wireless connectivity by delivering Bluetooth solutions for mobile, home, and business applications. 

KC2680 MicroPAX Bluetooth Controller is a integrated, low cost, low power protocol processor for hosted Bluetooth applications. Powered only by an 8-bit CPU, µPAX reduces the cost, gate count, power consumption and memory requirement of traditional Bluetooth designs. Click here to download a PDF file on the product.

uPAX Bluetooth Controller (KC2680) is a highly integrated, low-cost, low-power protocol processor for hosted Bluetooth applications. Powered by an 8-bit embedded CPU and an enhanced Bluetooth protocol process engine, uPAX enables highly cost-effective Bluetooth implementation without sacrificing performance.

MC Test Products
Company Website
MC Test designs and manufactures ATE Test Hardware, Loadboards, Performance Boards, Probe Cards, verification boards, demo boards and Electro-mechanical Interfaces to Bluetooth Semiconductor Companies for characterization and production test.

MediaSolv Inc.
Company Website

MediaSolv develops browser-based wired and wireless products for ISPs, ASPs, systems integrators, and small to medium enterprises and SOHOs.

ETHERchip is a low cost Internet applications chip that can be embedded in household appliances and other devices.  It provides access to bizOA or xSolv's e-mail, calendar, contacts and messaging functionality via Bluetooth radio.

Mindtree Consulting
Company Website
Mindtree specializes in offering product realization services to integrate Bluetooth wireless technology into product designs cost effectively.   

EtherMind Baseband Core provides flexibility to chip vendors without compromising performance parameters such as processor load and memory requirements. Compliant with Bluetooth 1.1 specifications, the Ethermind Baseband Controller is available as silicon proven synthesizable Verilog core with LMP/HCI firmware. The IP can be reconfigured to work with any 8/16/32 bit microcontroller on which LMP/HCI firmware resides and be reconfigured to interface with many Bluetooth radio implementations. Voice applications can also easily be built in.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Company Website

Bluetooth baseband  IC, with baseband and link manager software - please e-mail if you can provide a part number & URL for this product

National Semiconductor
Company Website
Based in California, National Semiconductor combines analog and digital technologies to create integrated solutions.  National provides solutions for the information appliance, personal computing, consumer and communication markets.  

LMX5001 Dedicated Bluetooth Link Controller has been designed to interface with the LMX3162. It's a single chip radio transceiver that provides a rapid design path to a complete Bluetooth physical layer. It can be attached to a Link Management Controller, or Host processor performing the Link Management function to implement a complete Bluetooth interface. For their PDF file click here.

National also supply a matching RF IC

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd
Company Website
Also see their Bluetooth Page.

Baseband Controller ML70511LA/ML70Q511xLA 
A Bluetooth 1.1 compliant baseband controller LSI, the ML70511LA/ ML70Q511xLA are also supported by the   SQ000001X001 iLink Control and Link Manager Protocol Software with Host Control Interface. 
The ML70511LA and SQ000001X001 integrate to the ML7050LA Radio to provide a complete Bluetooth solution. 

Block diagramDetailed specification

Built-in Flash ROM (ML70Q5111 only)
• Supply Voltage +3.3V (±0.3V)
• Operating Temperature -40 ~ +85°C
• ARM7TDMI® Core
• On-chip 32KB RAM
• 8KB Unified Cache
• USB 1.1 interface
• UART, General Purpose I/O
• CVSD/PCM Voice Transcoder
   for Voice Communications
• JTAG interface for debugging
• Interface bus for external memories
• Package 144-FBGA (11 x 11 x 1.5mm, 0.8 mm pitch)

Download pdf info sheet

Philips Semiconductors
Company Website
Philips Semiconductors focuses on silicon systems for consumer electronics, telecommunications, automotive, computer peripherals and networking, offering development kits that support their Blueberry range of Bluetooth IC products.

Philips is a key player in the development of Bluetooth technology and standards, and is leading the way in developing innovative network concepts for Bluetooth. Philips Semiconductors offers advanced, low-cost Bluetooth chipsets and an RF Bluetooth product range enabling complete solutions to be built rapidly, with no need for RF design experience.    

The PCF26002 is a highly-integrated Bluetooth baseband processor designed to form the heart of Bluetooth wireless communication systems. The PCF26002 device makes use of our low-power design expertise and is implemented in leading-edge 0.25 µm CMOS technology to deliver minimal power consumption with correspondingly longer battery lifetimes. A developer kit (BTDK) is available.

The PCF87750 Blueberry second generation, highly integrated device provides a one-chip baseband solution for Bluetooth wireless technology. It features an enhanced version of the EBC - the Philips Bluetooth Core (PBC) - specially designed for voice/data Bluetooth applications. Use of the PBC and its associated software stack ensures stringent conformity to all industry interoperability standards, and combines link controller, link management and HCI firmware in a single IC.  Complete developerkits (BByK) and babyboard developer kits (TrueBaby) are available.

BlueBoat Bluetooth Baseband Controller including LM firmware.

Details of other Philips products can be found on the Development Kits, Modules, Semiconductors - Baseband & Controllers, Semiconductors - RF

Signia Technologies
Company Website

This company provides wireless communications products from components to system solutions. Formed in 1999 Signia Technologies supports short-range, low-power wireless communications - such as Bluetooth.

Ulysses™ SBT 3100 is a stand-alone baseband controller with built-in CPU and memory to implement the complete baseband core, Link Controller, and Link Manager functionality. UART, USB, and Host (PCMCIA) interfaces are provided to allow flexibility and integration. Click here to download their PDF file on this product.

Signia also provide a matching RF IC and a hardware development kit

Silicon & Software Systems (S3) 
Company Website

Silicon & Software Systems is a provider of Electronic Design Services. Established in 1986, the company has knowledge in the areas of IC, Software and Hardware Design experience in house. In the Bluetooth arena, S3 has already delivered solutions in respect of RFCMOS, Baseband IC (ASSP), LM & LC Protocol Stack and SoC developments. The company also has experience in a number of relating technologies to Bluetooth including: GSM, GPRS, EDGE, W-CDMA, 802.11x, DECT, USB, and VoIP.

Silicon Wave
Company website
Based in San Diego, Silicon Wave designs and produces RF communication system components including baseband, radio modem and software solutions for Bluetooth wireless communications. Founded in 1997, the company claims to have been the first to deliver a fully qualified, single-chip radio modem for Bluetooth communications and first to achieve Bluetooth Specification Version 1.1 qualification for its products. Silicon Wave is an Associate Member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

SiW1602 Baseband Link Controller IC
The SiW1602  interfaces directly with the SiW1502 Radio Modem IC to  provide power control, data packet processing, error-detection/correction and other data processing functions. The SiW1602 also contains a USB controller which provides an easy method to implement the USB host interface.
Product summary
Data sheet

SIW1750 (embedded ARM7TDMI processor) / SIW1760 (integrated ROM)/ SiW1770 (integrated Flash) Baseband Processors for Bluetooth wireless communications. The 1750/60/70 ICs provide all Bluetooth Baseband link control hardware and link management firmware in highly integrated system-on-chip packages. Click here for details (PDF File).

SiW1750/60 Known Good Die (KGD) offers a small footprint and the opportunity for high-density integration of tested bare die into higher level assemblies and sub-assemblies. The die represents a 70% size reduction over the packaged part and meets the requirements for small form factor Bluetooth applications such as mobile phones, PDAs and other mobile handheld devices.

SIW1602 Baseband Processor interfaces directly with the SiW1502 Radio Modem IC and provides power control, data packet processing, error-detection/correction and other data processing functions. The SiW1602 also contains a USB controller which provides an easy method to implement the USB host interface. Click here for details (PDF File).  

Silicon Wave also provide matching RF IC

Company Website
Spirea is a semiconductor company that develops and manufactures single and combo transceiver products for Bluetooth and WLAN applications.

BlueBoC Bridge-on-Chip is a integrated chip providing a plug-and-play solution for Bluetooth connections to the Internet, supporting Bluetooth-to-Ethernet bridging and makes use of embedded TCP/IP protocols. BlueBoC provides zero-configuration wireless Ethernet user access to these modems and to TCP/IP applications. BlueBoC simultaneously supports up to seven active users in a Bluetooth piconet. BlueBoC implements the GN (Group Network) and NAP (Network Access Point) profiles of PAN (Personal Area Networking).

Texas Instruments
Company Website
Texas Instruments Incorporated is involved in digital signal processing and analog technologies. It works in real-time technologies that help people communicate and provide various semiconductor solutions for large markets such as wireless and broadband access and for new emerging markets such as digital cameras and digital audio.

BSN6040 Baseband Processor is a point-to-multipoint solution when combined with tge TRF6001 that addresses the needs of wireless personal area networking devices such as laptops, PDAs and smart phones. For technical details see the product link
BSN6030 ROM Version Baseband Controller this combined with the TRF6001 is a point-to-point solution. It integrates the Bluetooth software stack up to Host Controller Interface (HCI), this removes the need for external firmware memory and allowing connection direct to a host. For technical details see the product link

Texas also supply a matching RF IC.

Company Website

XEMICS is a company which develops and delivers low-power, short-range wireless semiconductor  solutions. The company offers integrated solutions for applications ranging from headsets to Bluetooth-enabled portable equipment, sensor networks, Internet appliances and GPS platforms.

XEMICS offer a XE1400 range of Bluetooth components specifically suited for markets requiring very low power consumption. The family of products are designed to serve applications such as wireless headsets as well as enable existing hand-held battery operated communications devices. 

XE1401 Bluetooth Baseband Controller - to download a PDF file click here.

Company Website

Xilinx provides programmable silicon solutions, FPGA devices.

In the Bluetooth arena, Xilinx can offer Bluetooth implementations to allow bridging of Bluetooth into legacy systems, as well as flexible approaches to the implementation of new innovative products.

Zarlink Semiconductor (formerly Mitel Semiconductor)
Company Website

MT1020A - Bluetooth baseband controller, designed to perform voice and data processing 
Block Diagram 

Bluetooth™ v1.0 Compliant Link Controller
Full Bluetooth Protocol Stack up to HCI
USB and UART Host Interfaces
Full Duplex Audio CODEC Including Filtering
Linear PCM to log PCM and CVSD Conversion
Advanced Block Power Management
Firefly embedded ARM7TDMI™ Microcontroller Core
Configurable l/O Supply 1·8 to 3·6V
1.8V Internal Supply Option for Low Power
IP Hardware and Software Available for Embedded Applications
Single CPU Bluetooth System Capability
121-pin SSBGA

Download Datasheet (pdf)
Download White Paper (pdf)



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