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Traffic Statistics & Sponsorship Options

Traffic and Community Statistics
The Wireless Directory went 'live' in September 2001, with a low-key soft-launch.  Initial awareness was through one-on-one discussions with industry exhibitors at the European Conference on Wireless Telecommunications, followed by similar low-level word-of-mouth promotion at the Bluetooth Developers' Conference in San Francisco in December and then at the Bluetooth Congress in Amsterdam in summer 2002.   

Growth has been rapid with the following statistics in early 2003:

  • Traffic  typically exceeding 15,000 accesses per week, peaking in excess of 3000 per day on some weekdays

  • Traffic doubled between the Amsterdam Bluetooth Congress summer 2002 and the start of 2003

  • Community Members - over 1400 (Dec 2002) self-subscribed community members, from 55 different countries, who receive regular e-newsletters 

  • Community Members - self-subscribed opt-in membership represents a global geographical representation - Europe 50%, Asia 28%, America 12%, Other 10%.  

  • These figures are very close to those we predicted on this page, based on prior experience with our elder sister community DECTweb, in early 2002.


Growth of both traffic and community membership continues to increase.  Whilst there are spurts in growth associated with the main Bluetooth industry events - such as the Bluetooth Congress and Developers Conference - considerable growth also comes through word-of-mouth, based on the fact that The Wireless Directory offers a valued, independent and comprehensive information resource..  As visitors discover the value of the  community they sign-up to join and receive our regular newsletters and other benefits.


Sponsorship Options - suitable for both large and small companies
Sponsorship costs are kept low, since we do not aim to make huge profits, simply to maintain the viability of The Wireless Directory as a free service to encourage and stimulate growth of the industry.  

  • Gold - Companies wishing to maintain a major profile across many parts of the industry value chain may choose to sponsor one of the major, highly viewed, pages of the The Wireless Directory site, such as the Sitemap,  the Company Directory, the News Page or the Home Page.  
    Cost is 2000 / $3000 / Euro 3000 per annum (eg Home Page, Sitemap, Company Directory or News Page) - example

  • Silver - An intermediate cost/exposure option on any of the 'Topic Area Pages' of the site such as the 'Create Products', 'Products', 'Learning Zone', 'News & Views' pages.  
    Cost is 1000 / $1500 / Euro 1500 per annum - example

  • Bronze - Companies involved in a specific industry area may choose the minimum cost option to sponsor a single product- or service-specific page.  By doing so your company brand  becomes clearly associated with the specific product or service covered by that page.  
    Cost is 500 / $750 / Euro750 per annum - example
    (This option is automatically included within the other two options)

Electronic news mailings - Sponsorship cost of an issue of our e-newsletter is 300/$450/Euro450 but this option is only available to existing sponsors.   Inclusion of sponsor news in these mailings is free of charge.

Customized sponsorship packages - where necessary The Wireless Directory is willing to consider customized solutions. This option would is particularly relevant to organisations where existing options (listed above) would not be best suited. We can also provide an animated banner design service that can be used on The Wireless Directory and other websites - please enquire for details.

Thank you for helping us to maintain The Wireless Directory as a free service to the global Bluetooth community


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