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The Wireless Directory FAQ's

  1. What is The Wireless Directory ?
  2. How do I find stuff on The Wireless Directory ?
  3. Computer requirements for this website
  4. Pdf and Adobe Acrobat
  5. Why doesn't a hyperlink work ?
  6. Why no pictures ?
  7. What no applets ?
  8. Information missing or wrong ?
  9. Improve The Wireless Directory ?

What is The Wireless Directory?
The Wireless Directory
is the hub of a global on-line community relating to the Bluetooth 2.5Ghz radio communications standard.   
To find out the basics of what Bluetooth is all about go to our white papers page, click here
To find out more about the origins of The Wireless Directory click here

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How do I find stuff on The Wireless Directory?
To find something specific, you can do a Site Search - click at the top left corner of every page, or by using the sliding site menu.


You can access the site map by clicking on 'Sitemap', again found at the top left of any page, or by using the sliding site menu at the edge of the page.

On all product pages, company names are arranged alphabetically.

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Computer Requirements

On this site, The Wireless Directory presents lots of information, some of which is given in tables or graphics.
To view these, the following minimal functionality is required of your computer system and browser:

  • 600 x 800 pixels resolution
  • 256 colors
  • Pages use Javascripts. The Javascripts used are suitable for all commonly used browsers. However if for some reason the sliding site menu is not working, the sitemap button found on the top left of every page can be used to navigate around the site instead.
    A few Flash effects are also used in the website template. The flash player can be downloaded by going the the macromedia website.

Please not that some of the slide presentations on this site require higher functionality of your browser and/or your system. These are mentioned in the respective title page and usually a work-around (download possibility) is given.

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Pdf Format & Adobe Acrobat

The PDF files on this site can be read with the Acrobat Reader version 3.0 or higher. Make sure you have the most recent version from Adobe. If you are using a PCL printer (e.g. the HP Laserjet series) then you should install the RA patch.

Some of the files are fairly complex. If they don't display properly on your screen:

  • The reader assumes that standard fonts such as Arial and Times Roman (or the equivalent) are installed on your system
  • Acrobat plug-ins for both Netscape and Internet Explorer may not handle the complexity of some of the files (it may also be the RAM available in your system). In this case right-click the link and use the option "Save Target/Link As ..."

If the files don't print properly then try the following:

  • Check your printer option to send graphics as raster rather then vector graphics
  • Check your printer option to send fonts as bitmaps rather than outlines
  • Try printing at a lower resolution (300 dpi rather then 600 dpi)
  • Convince your IT department that 2 MByte printer memory for a 600 dpi printer is not enough
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Why doesn't a hyperlink work ?

Answer - it should !  If you find links that don't, please let us know, using the e-mail entry on the sidebar. Or by clicking here.

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Why no pictures ?

Because the pages download much quicker without them we minimise the use of pictures..
Many pics of products may be found by clicking on the hyperlinks to the sites of companies supplying Bluetooth kit.
If you find some good Bluetooth pics on the web, please e-mail us the URL and we may link to them.

We've tried to keep the site simple so that folk with not-the-latest browsers can also benefit from the site, but at the same time making the site user friendly.

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Wot, no applets ?

Unfortunately "not all Java applets are created alike"  (but we still use a few).
Internet Explorer and Netscape, the two main browsers don't handle things quite the same.
We've aimed to maximise the information value, rather than the prettiness of the The Wireless Directory, so that everyone can benefit. 

For maximum benefit of
The Wireless Directory make sure you have an up-to-date browser v.5.0 or higher. To download an updated version go to

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Information missing or wrong ?

Then please send us feedback so we can add or correct it

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Improve The Wireless Directory ?

You really can make a difference - your input is vital to us improving the site.
If every visitor sends just a single piece of  info about Bluetooth in their country or company  it'll radically improve. 
Please become an active contributor to  the community, rather than just a passive observer. 

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All rights reserved. mailto:
Bluetooth is a registered trademark owned by the Bluetooth SIG Inc.
All registered servicemarks and trademarks mentioned on this site are acknowledged.
Last modified: Wednesday December 03, 2003.

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